Thank You Atomic Fox!

Atomic Fox has just handed me the Atomic Fox Prey Award for the month of October, adding the icing to the delicious cake that is my favorite month of the year. Her post made me blush a little and I am honored to accept her award. In return, I'm going to do two things. The first is that I have to make sure I do another CAPS review soon because the natives are restless. The second thing is...I'm going to tell you about Atomic Fox.

Since we are such a friendly community, we all follow a lot of he same blogs and I'm always happy to see familiar names under the comment sections on my favorite sites. If you haven't been to Atomic Fox yet, you should. She does a great job of keeping us updated on all the latest horror news, including new clips, trailers, posters, and release information. Additionally, she blogs about her thoughts on movies, halloween, haunted houses, and anything else related to the world of horror. Just recently she posted some awesome pictures from Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, which featured Danielle Harris and Dick Warlock to name a few.

Again, many thanks to Atomic Fox! You can help spread the thanks by checking out her site if you haven't done so already!


  1. Yes Becky, I am extremely restless for a new CAPS review!! Always look forward to those.

    Nice award too. =) And I agree that Atomic Fox's site is cool as hell.

  2. kudos on the win. While demands are being passed around like a doobie, I demand animal sacrifice of said atomic fox.

    I'm available for children's birthday parties and bat mizvahs too.

  3. The Fox rules! Congrats Becks, well deserved!!

  4. Congratulations on winning and it's always great to see a great blogger, getting some recognition.