About The Horror Effect

Why was The Horror Effect created?
Born on March 03, 2009, The Horror Effect was the offspring of Becky Sayers. After lurking around the web for years, she eventually grew tired of reading great blogs and not being able to fully participate in the discussion. More importantly, Becky felt a little lonely as a horror fan prior to starting The Horror Effect. Ostracized as a horror filmmaker in film school, she needed a venue away from the professors and students who discounted the genre holistically as subpar cinema. Even outside of the academic world, Becky knew she wasn’t always taken seriously because movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Killer Klowns from Outer Space sat on her shelf. People either don't understand the enjoyment of “low-brow” entertainment or refuse to appreciate or acknowledge the merit of more “acceptable” horror films. Blogging became a way for Becky to engage in meaningful conversations about the movies she loved with peers that understood her interests.

Who is B-Movie Becky?
Upon the lap of her guffawing father, Becky was raised on the horror film. Armed with a clunky VHS camcorder, she fell in love with filmmaking at the age of thirteen in her rural hometown of Maple Valley, Washington. Countless short films and bottles of fake blood later, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Chapman University in Southern California California. After graduation, she married the man she met over a friendly game of Counter-Strike during her adolescence. When it comes to filmmaking, they  are partners in crime and are constantly working on new projects.