Demons Invade L.A.!

Since you guys seemed to enjoy "I Heart Zombie", I thought I'd post another (much shorter) video project. I actually posted this when I first started The Horror Effect, but  Zach S.at Awkward Creations recently commented on the old post. So thanks Zach for reminding me about it.

What's the skinny? It's a faux trailer made for a Grindhouse competition from a couple years ago. It was one of those things where you find out about the contest days before the deadline. So you say, "What the hell? Let's do it anyway." A couple of friends and I grabbed a camera and had fun with it. We wanted to go for a modern Grindhouse feel. We left out the grain, the scratches, the cigarette burns, the deep yet shrill voice-over, and the repetition of the film's title numerous times. Grindhouse is really about throwing things at the audience they don't expect to see and doing it with no money. And that's what we tried to do. We didn't fully succeed, but I still enjoy watching myself act so ridiculously.

Anyway, so here it is: "HellL.A." (pronounced as one word).  P.S. Thank you Nick, my wonderful husband, for making me chew on that cigar...


  1. Holy shit, I would most definitely watch this movie. You make rad videos, Becky.

  2. if only all seedy hotel rooms were used to make awesome short horror movies...

    I wanna live in that world. But they'd probably still charge by the hour.

  3. "I'm not fourteen, I'm 12 gauge!"
    I loved how it goes from filthy crime drama to blood drenched action horror.

    @Zach: They might still charge, but who's gonna dare to collect? :)

  4. J-Thanks. We've been thinking about writing the feature. Should be a fun adventure.

    Zach- The interior was actually a Motel 6 and we shot some random hotel for the exterior sign. They did charge per night, even though we were there for maybe 2 hours. Haha.

    Old Folkie- Thanks. The opening scene is still my favorite part because it's so "filthy" like you said.

  5. "No more kiddy kiddy bang-bang for you" BWAHAHA

    Please post more of your short movies, they're a lot of fun to watch.

  6. HAHA! I expected the unexpected and I was not disappointed. High-octane action posturing, choice dialog, arterial spray, and demon-city infestations - yes, this has all the trappings of a Friday Night Movie Party favorite.

    "Are you sure you're fourteen?" Oh, that set the stage for all manner of unpleasantness.

  7. @Old Folkie: Knowing my luck, I'd probably have to intern for that job first.

    Becky: I really really like that neon washed opening. The dialogue is clutch. Would the feature take place over one night gone wrong kinda thing? Or is it a city uprising as the monsters invade/attack over the course of a week?

  8. Zach, Thanks. While it is not entirely planned out, we were thinking the feature would be just a day or two. The two leads are trying to get out of the city throughout the film, so they'll probably end up in the desert or something.