Steven Seagal, Dragonforce, and George Michael?

So in case you were wondering if I've ever made a movie that wasn't shot on Mini-DV and didn't star Nick and I, here is "Now and Zen." It's not a horror movie, but everyone loves a comedy right? This was shot my junior year of college over a weekend. It was tons of fun to make and was received pretty well by the audiences that have seen it. Too bad I don't have the rights to the music in it....Shhhhh!

Synopsis: A lazy gamer, Jon, and his Buddhist girlfriend, Jessica, try to harmonize their differing personalities. After Jon disappoints Jessica by purchasing Steven Seagal’s brand of energy drinks instead of the groceries, their relationship comes to a halt. Jon must prove that he is motivated enough to change his selfish ways before he loses Jessica.


  1. Nice, will promise to come back to this one when I have a little more time!! Rushin tonight to catch up