Fridays in October Part 2

Maybe I will go in order, maybe I won’t. I watched this last night, after I had watched Parts 3 and 4 days before. We all know that series continuity has never been a strong point of the franchise, so who cares? Plus, it’s always really annoying to sit through those endless recaps after you’ve just watched the previous movie.

Friday the 13th Part II

Worst Line: “This place is spooky.” Bad for 2 reasons. 1—The sunlit forest she’s referring to is anything but spooky. 2—She proceeds to wander into the “spooky” woods by herself.

Best Line: “Paul, there’s someone in this room…Paul, there’s someone in the fucking room!”

This is just depressing, but I'm so glad they went there.

Huh? Moment: Genni pees herself. A moment of seriousness. This Friday is definitely less fun than the others, but I don’t mean that in a bad way.

LOL: The return of muffin, the dog with the bow in the hair, at the end of the movie accompanied by an “all is well again” musical piece.

Like they say in Baghead:
This could be the scariest thing you've seen or the silliest.

What I like: I really dig the crazed, wild man version of Jason Voorhees. Before Jason had all this lore surrounding him, it’s cool to see a completely different version of the Camp Crystal Lake killer. I wonder what it would be like if there was ever a “reimagining” of this Jason.

I think this scene was in an old car commercial that featured other scenes where the car won't start from horror movies. Anyone know who made it or where I can find it? 

Is it Scary?:  Sometimes. Unlike other Fridays, this has some genuinely scary moments. I believe Steve Miner’s direction here is one of the best in the series, with long steady cam shots and an excellent use of negative space surrounding characters. The aforementioned best line is also pretty damn creepy.


  1. Totally agree with you! This is really the FIRST Jason flick. And it is scary. One of my all-time big "Yikes!" moments was when Jason runs across the road when the sheriff is driving by. Imagine that happening in real life??? And then the sheriff has the balls (or lack of brains) to go off into the woods chasing this dude!

    Great movie!

  2. Okay, your commercial memory triggered the same memory in my head.

    So, I went to YouTube and found this:

    Start Dammit!

    Which I believe is the one. Cool to see it again.

    And there was also this:


    Also kinda cool. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Yeah, I was going to mention that Sheriff scene as a favorite chase in the movie! I've always remembered that moment. Love it.

    And thank you so much for the "Start Dammit" commercial!!! I've been trying to find it forever. The Volkswaggen one pretty much rips off the Chevy one, but also cool.

  4. Haha, it's weird that you posted that question about the commercial because I totally put that up on my site before reading your post.

    Great stuff, as usual, btw.

  5. This was the movie that really hooked me onto the series. TNT was showing a Friday the 13th Marathon on Halloween night in 1998 and I stumbled upon the end of the first movie without knowing what it was and then watched the entire second movie, which scared me to death. The line where Jinni says there's someone in the room chilled me to the bone, and the image of Jason in this movie seems so much more frightening than in later movies. Also, the scene where Jinni is in his 'house' and you see him running toward it through the window was pretty scary too.

  6. This is my favorite Friday movie. I Pretty much echo what you said above.

    I'm also totally stealing this idea for my blog and watching all of the Hellraiser movies this month. If you don't mind that is :)

  7. Agreed on the 'someone in the room' line; it's delivered in a very urgent, believable way that you can totally see happenin' in real life.

  8. It has been a while since I watched this one, even if it is my favorite from the series. Question though, are you sure that Genni pee'd herself? I used to always think that myself, and I think that I even made a comment about it in a post I did for the movie. I remember reading though in a book about the movies that it was actually the rat that pee'd, not Genni.

    Since I haven't watched it in a while, I don't recall if Genni was running around with wet pants after that scene. I don't recall that she did though. Thought I would throw this out since you have watched it more recently than I have.

  9. Heather,

    I don't know about the rat peeing. That was quite a bit of pee. I actually thought about that though and looked for wet pants (half-heartedly), and there actually weren't very many long shots where you could see her pants. I'd have to watch it again though. Even if they weren't wet, it would be tough to say if it was a continuity mistake or not as well. Who knows?

  10. M'hael, Go ahead and steal my idea. I'll be expecting a payment next week. :P

  11. Part II is all sorts of awesome, but I have a soft spot for 4. Theres no denying that Jason is terrifying as hell in this one, easily the scariest film in the series

  12. Lol this one is too outside of the Jason mythos. Who knows how he got the the first movies final girl and killed her lol. From what I remember it was entertaining, but nothing like the ones to follow.