Summer Memories of a Horror Fan

While the rest of the nation is suffering a massive heat wave, Summer has only started to rear its sunny head here in Seattle. Now that Summer has arrived just in time for it to disappear, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories of summer from childhood. Because horror movies were such a big part of my life, horror-centered activities dominated many of my adolescent activities. Here are some I'm particularly fond of:

-Dressing up in the Ghostface mask and hiding outside my friend's house, while threatening them with menacing phone calls. There were tears and it was awesome.

-Inventing a Jaws-themed game in the pool. Chlorine-water sharks will be the next big thing.

-Creating another game of tag that was based off of
Predator. Sometimes this involved Schwarzenegger impersonations.

-Making a feature film over the course of several months on a VHS-C camera with no editing equipment. Not to mention it didn't have a script and involved every slasher cliche known to the human race.

-Using fake blood and latex wounds leftover from Halloween, we loved to pretend some terrible accident had occurred to us and freak our parents out.

-Buying tickets for PG-13 movies, only to sneak into the R-rated horror films. Dang you cinema nazis.

-Sitting around the campfire, telling ghost stories, zombie stories, vampire stories, mass murderer stories...you get the idea.

-Getting my friends in trouble by watching Children of the Corn, even though PG was as extreme as they could go.

-Explaining to my 6th grade teacher why
Halloween was my favorite film and why I was allowed to see it.

-Debating with a friend who thought
I Know What You Did Last Summer was better than Scream. Who makes Direct-to-Video sequels now, huh?

Well, there you have it: a selection of my treasured memories. Feeling all nostalgic yet? I know I am...maybe I'll go home and listen to Bush, while talking on my brick (I mean cellular telephone).