Fridays in October Part 6

I guess this is at a good point during the Fridays in October series to diverge and briefly explain my unconditional love for Friday the 13th films. I really do enjoy and see value in every entry. Whether Jason is in it or not, whether Tommy is a likeable young hero or batshit crazy, I just love watching these movies. That’s why I couldn’t bring myself to actually critiquing or formally reviewing these films. Not only am I completely enveloped in nostalgia for them, but I wouldn’t enjoy applying a critical eye to technical flaws and careless plots. We all know what we’re getting into when we watch a Friday, which is why I am using October as an excuse to revel in their campy, bloody, kooky goodness.

Friday the 13th  Part VI: Jason Lives

I would argue that this is the campiest of all Fridays, but it’s a tough call to make. What this entry lacks in scares and seriousness, it tries to make up for in laughs and outrageousness. I say try because it only works about half the time. I’m not saying I don’t like Part 6, but it’s definitely on the bottom of the totem pole somewhere near its successor and Jason Goes to Hell.

Can you say Money Shot?
Although this film marks the return of Jason (and the return of a more omnipotent, invincible Jason), it’ s not really very memorable. As I was watching the movie, I was surprised at how little I actually remembered from the last time I watched, which was probably a couple years ago. So to talk about a rather forgettable entry, I’ve decided to share why it is memorable. First, I’ll highlight the major scenes cemented in my brain before watching it again and then I’ll talk about the moments that will surely be looked on fondly in the future.

Old Memories:

A Unique Kill
I remember the death of Nikki, who gets her face pushed into the mirror/wall in the motor home bathroom and then you can see the impression of her face through the other side. It reminds me of a Nightmare on Elm Street gag. It always stuck out, but I wouldn’t say the kill is actually anything special because we really don’t see much of it.

She should have read the warning on the plastic bag...

Who’s Playing Tommy Now?
Three different actors have played Tommy Jarvis. The first change is workable since he is older, but Corey Feldman and John Shepherd look nothing alike. The second change in cast is quite jarring. According to IMDB trivia, Shepherd became a born-again Christian and would not reprise his role. This makes the previous entry’s numerous Tommy beat-down sessions even more humorous.

Lock him up! This guy can't be Tommy Jarvis! He hasn't punched anyone yet!

Wait! There’s Kids
This installment is one of the only Fridays to prominently feature children actually attending Camp Blood (or a nearby camp). We all knew that the filmmakers wouldn’t go so far as to kill a kid, but it’s great to see Jason’s bulky frame watching tiny girls and boys sleep.

Praying for the deaths of Mommy and Daddy who sent her to this place...

I’ve always called this the Friday with the paintballing, even though it’s a very small scene in the film. Still, it gives us a handful of kills, though none of them are particularly great. Watching this made me want to watch Severance again.

Have a nice day!

Newly Formed Memories:

Voorhees, Jason Voorhees
No memory of the James Bond-inspired opening titles. Huh? Where did that come from? I love it. Terrible, cheesy, and simultaneously brilliant.

A Bloody Cabin
Wow… the cabin where the girls are staying is a bloodbath! It’s completely over-the-top. Blood is literally everywhere: the walls, the door, the ceiling, the floor, the tapestries, etc. A lot of the kills lack gruesomeness and gore, but for whatever reason, the art department had fun with this cabin.

A Not-So Final Girl
While Tommy is the lead, he is accompanied by a girl (Megan) we know will not die, so she’s kind of a Final Girl.  Yet Megan doesn’t seem to be the type. She’s the sheriff’s daughter, which makes her the sidekick girlfriend or the sleazy hottie by Halloween’s rules. She is quite forward with Tommy—not the reserved, conservative girl we have come to expect. And the fact that her dad keeps telling her that Tommy is a psychopath from the mental hospital should give her at least some cause for concern.  Instead, this makes her even more attracted to him. Megan is so hot for Tommy that she’ll bust him out of jail, run from the cops, and shove his head in her crotch. Whoa! AND she’s kind of bitchy. She really isn’t very nice to her father, who is clearly just concerned for her wellbeing and she’s got that snide, sarcastic humor with her friends.

I like bad boys, but I'm not rebelling or anything like that.
Bend Over...
I had no memory of the Sheriff’s bending-over-backwards death, but it will now be cemented in my brain forever. It’s a nice gag, but could have been improved with better editing. This may have also been a forced edit job by the MPAA, which the Fridays are all too familiar with.

Jason shows the Sheriff a new yoga pose
This would be a fun Friday to accompany with a drinking game since it’s silly and quickly paced. Normally, I would suggest a shot per death, but there are 18 kills (at least that’s what IMDB says) in this one…that could get ugly. I’m not saying you have to drink to enjoy Part VI, but it may enhance your experience. I will probably never try this myself, so who knows?


  1. By far, without a shadow of a doubt, my FAVORITE Friday installment. I'm glad Sheppard did not reprise his role because then we would have not been graced with another Thom Matthews performance. I also love that the Horshack Sweathog bites it the opening scene. And big ups for Alice Cooper's "Man Behind the Mask"!

    Nice post Becky!!

  2. Ouch. Part VI is my all-time fave movie, and to have you lump it down there with the abysmal, not-even-a-real-'FRIDAY-movie "JASON GOES TO HELL" just... hurts. I think the kills are legitimately and bloodily dealt with despite the silly, fun overall tone, and I think it best symbolizes all aspects of commercial 80's horror excess, with the rad Alice Cooper soundtrack and the fashion sense and the Devil-may-care attitude and the ramped-up body count.

    I also get the idea, more importantly, that Crystal Lake is a real place in this one. This for me is among the best of the 'camp' locales used. And the Frankensteinian flash of lightning transforming regular ol' slasher Jason into a 'true monster' is seminal.


    "Do they think I'm a fart-head?"

    :) Good stuff. Maybe years later you'll see it through different eyes. Until then, more for me! Bwahahaha.

  3. Def one of my favs! I like the paintball guy getting killed lol. Nice cap on the yoga pose lol The bond opener is classic :D

  4. How could I not mention the Alice Cooper song?! Silly me. I understand what's there to love and I used to really like this one, but upon revisiting, I've been enjoying other ones more. Who knows though? Maybe I'll have new favorites in the future. :D

  5. I like this film. It is the first of the "we KNOW we are F13/Jason flicks, let's have some fun with it".

    And they do. And as viewers, we do, too.

    I like it. :)