Fridays in October Part 1

For some random reason, I've decided to re-watch all of the Friday the 13th films during October in no particular order. So far, I've watched three. One of them was in September, but fall was in the air and the hallowed spirit of October was with me, so it still counts.

Because we've all seen the movies, I'm not going to review them. Instead, I'm just going to post quick thoughts and impressions that enter my mind as I revisit one of my favorite horror franchises.

The first Friday of October (ok, it was September):

Friday the 13th on Blu-Ray!

Looking as strapping as ever in 1080 lines of resolution. It's the best it's ever going to look in our homes no doubt. The sound didn't appear to be too much different though.

And wasn't this supposed to be the Uncut version? Yeah...you know better than to count on that. Considering there's a whopping 10 second difference in runtime, I wasn't really expecting any juicy additions. Plus, Cunningham was pushing for as much screen time as possible when the film was released, so it would be hard to believe anything was cut out of the film.

Pam is shocked to see another 3 seconds of throat cutting on screen.

Special features? A few new ones, but nothing is going to blow your socks off. I learned a couple new things here and there, but most of the behind-the-scenes stuff is full of stories we've already heard.

Still, I'm glad I have my Friday the 13th Blu-ray because it looks fantastic!


  1. Sounds like the picture is worth it. Still no Blu-ray here. Ah well.

  2. Lol pam was shocked to see that huh? Indeed.

  3. Awesome, awesome picture above, wins my giggle of the day award!

  4. I just started with the same thing with NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Part 5 is up next...