Spoof Horror Artwork

An old hobby of mine involves bad horror movie ideas and crayons. Basically, I would create spoof horror movie posters for fun. Recently, my husband pulled down my art box from storage and I found my goofy creations. Here are a couple of my very first pieces. I know I was in junior high when I did them, but I couldn't be too specific with the dates. However, this isn't a hobby that died. Every now and then, I pick up a box of crayons and have fun.

Click on the image for a larger, more detailed look...so you can see every careful crayon stroke. ;)

I like this concept so much that I redid this poster in silly MS Paint form.

I'm not sure what makes this snake a "space snake" as opposed to an earth-bound serpent.


  1. The tagline is hilarious. You should also add "Hide your cheeks"

  2. i love these. my only issue: you forgot to add hair sticking out of the top of discoman's silky shirt. ;)

  3. Big ups on 'DiscoMan'... tag line? Genius.

  4. Chest hair would be a nice addition.

    You mean Intergalactic Rabbi vs. Space Shark? For another post. ;)

  5. These cartoons are fun!!!

    Feel free to check out my Cyberschizoid blog :


    Have fun! ;-)