Fridays in October Part 5

Oh how I love the fifth installment in the Friday the 13th series, otherwise known as the one where Jason isn’t actually the killer. Now, please don’t throw a temper tantrum over the absence of Mr. Voorhees. Halloween III had no Michael and the Saw franchise continues without Jigsaw. Since Jason isn’t even the murderer in the original film, what is there to get upset over? It’s a great entry, carnival tricks and all.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

I once heard this film described as the most Grindehousey of the series by BC at Horror Movie a Day. I can’t think of a better way to describe the quirky style and sick sense of humor this Friday boasts. Awkward dialogue, punchy zooms, and plenty of miscreants to pad the body count. Not only does this have lots of deaths, but it has some of my favorite kills and some of the most memorable characters.

Since I’m not actually preparing legitimate reviews for Fridays in October, I’m going to stick with handing out little awards to the best moments in the film.

Best Line

Billy:  That's just what the doctor ordered. Nothin' like a little prevented medicine. And, the forecast is; Cloudy in the mountains, sunny in the valleys, and snow flurries, up your nose!"

Matt: "I know this is hard for all of you...so let’s just have breakfast."

Ethel: “Holy shit! Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?

And the award goes to…

Matt! As the leader of Pinehurst halfway house, your half-assed words of wisdom and compassion is surely noticed by all!

Best Kill

Tina: Hedge clippers in the eyes while naked

Eddie: Leather strap wrapped around head and twisted with great strength

Junior: Closelined by a machete while zooming around on his bike

And the award goes to…

Eddie! After much deliberation, this was still a tough decision. I loved all of these deaths and I’ve remembered them since I was a tweenager when I first saw the film. However, Eddie’s death is a particularly gruesome one.

Best WTF Moment

Joey and Vic: The psychotic Vic hacks up Joey for no reason moments after their characters are introduced

Paramedic: Making fun of the onlookers like a total jerk, as they squirm at the site of Joey’s mutilated body

Robin and Jake: Jake confesses his love for Robin, who just laughs in his face

And the award goes to…

Joey and Vic! How could this end up any other way? This is not only the best WTF moment of this movie, but perhaps one of the greatest in the history of cinema. It’s so deliciously random and sick. It’s also accompanied by a fantastic zoom into the window, where people are watching the horrific scene.

Best LOL Moment

Demon (weird spelling huh?): Scurrying to the outhouse after eating enchiladas and then singing with his girlfriend while he is on the pot

Violet: Doing the robot up until she meets her demise with the Jason imposter

Reggie: Charging out of the barn in the tractor to save Pam as triumphant music blares

And the award goes to…

Reggie! I love children in horror films because they get scenes like this. He can be scared out of his little red pajamas one minute and then as brave as ever in the next.

Best “Oooo...Awkward” Moment

Tommy: After another guy scares him with one of his masks, Tommy flips out and beats the hell out of him in front of everyone at breakfast

Roy, the other Paramedic: His reaction to the dead body of Joey, backing up slowly and darting his eyes around

Tommy: When he encounters Junior, he also beats the hell out of him and it’s just weird

And the award goes to…

Tommy! For pulverizing another human being at breakfast. Man, they should make more movies where people randomly beat other people up. I laugh every time Tommy throws punches because there’s something painfully awkward about it, especially when other people are around to watch.

Well that does it for the award ceremony for Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Though some fans may feel betrayed by the twist ending, I adore this movie and wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Do I love it? No. Do I hate it? No. It's got some good slasher moments, and it has some groan inducing moments. But, if you are a fan of the F13 flicks, you can enjoy this one. And heck, Jason needed a vacation for a bit. ;)

  2. I was a little cool towards this one for awhile, but eventually I grew up and learned to appreciate the awesome nuggets of weird dialogue (especially Demon and his girl's little outhouse sing-a-long!) and the general different-ness of this from the other entries. Great selection. I'm a big fan of Fake/"blue" Jason.

  3. Nice one. I liek the "Best moment award" thing :)

  4. No Jason, No Watch! Lol nice awards. "I know this is hard for all of you...so let’s just have breakfast." best delivery ever too. Um i think this should have one WTF: "Making fun of the onlookers like a total jerk, as they squirm at the site of Joey’s mutilated body" Its pretty damn good. Lol I agree with the breakfast smack down:D

  5. you deserve your own commentary track on the DVD

  6. My favorite LOL moment was actually Reggie screaming like a little girl on a few occasions. This movie also featured the greatest rack in the entire series. Thanks, Tina!

    Great review, Becky. This is actually my least favorite of the series, but your review actually makes me want to see it again!

  7. Ive never had a problem with this one, and I actually found the final reveal to be a clever idea though it was executed with the most random of characters. Love the deaths, love the cheese, and while its not a favorite it still holds a solid spot in the series

  8. All I remember from this one is the Gerry curls dude eats burritos.

    I really hated this flick..but thats just me.

  9. This is definitley not a bastard entry in my book. It's got a nice twist at the end, decapitation on a motorcycel, Dudley from Diff'rent Strikes, and Miguel A. Nunez all jerry-curled and singing his heart out.

    So what's not to love about this entry. Damn those who down The New Beginning!!