Fridays in October Part 4

The next Friday up for a little retrospective is another fan favorite. This write-up is going to be a trivia edition of sorts, featuring random facts and tidbits about the film and its filmmakers. So, without further ado, here’s the next Friday in October.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Tagline: Three Times Before You Have Felt The Terror, Known The Madness, Lived The Horror. But This Is The One You've Been Screaming For

Which one is it?
-The one with Corey Feldman
-The one where Jason kills people in a hospital
-The one with the twins
-The one with Crispin Glover
-The one with the camper guy that hunts Jason
-The one with the 1920’s nudie films

Random Trivia:

In 1984, Director Joseph Zito brought us a great addition to the franchise. Zito doesn’t have a long directing career, but he is the man who helmed The Prowler, which gives him some nerdcore points straight away. He also directed Missing in Action and Invasion U.S.A—both starring the unkillable Chuck Norris. The latter film has one of the most amazing one sheets you will ever see.

In the chronology of the series, this film actually takes place on Sunday the 15th, but who’s counting?

Shot for a measly $1,800,000, the film grossed $32,600,000. While blockbusters sometimes take years to earn back their money, these films tend to do it rather quickly.

Cinematographer Joao Fernandes began his career shooting pornography and sexploitation films under the name Harry Flex or Harry Flecks. His credits include the infamous Deep Throat, The Spy Who Came, Little Girl…Big Tease, and Love Toy.

When Ted’s character gets high, the actor is actually stoned. He thought he should employ some method acting , but realized that it was a pretty bad idea. Hitting marks, using the correct eye line, and remembering lines were probably difficult for him.

During Samantha’s death scene on the raft, the actress got hypothermia. She was naked, cold, and endured the pain for hours before someone did anything about it. It took Ted White, who played Jason, to stand up and threaten to walk off the set. Who knew that it would be cold in the middle of a lake in December?

Final Girl Trish did enough of her own stunts to receive a Stunt Performer’s Union Card. That’s how you know it’s a low budget production, when the lead actress is doing in her own stunts.

A scene was cut out in which Trish finds her mom’s dead body. Actress Kimberly Beck claims it was her best scene, but Zito thought that it was too offensive. Hmmm….I bet we would all like to take a look at that.

When Tommy is hacking Jason up with the machete in the end, you can hear him yell “Die!” over and over again. However, his mouth is not actually moving. It was dubbed in later.

Departing Thoughts:

I really like this entry. Ted White does a fantastic job as Jason and Corey Feldman is always a welcome face in my book. I love Tommy’s character. His reaction to the teens fooling around next door is priceless. I would imagine it’s kind of like an embarrassing baby picture to pull out today for Corey. Another feature I like about the fourth film is the dichotomy of the houses. On one side, we have the fresh teenage meat, primed for body count. On the other side, we have the happy-go-lucky family that we can root for. My favorite aspect of this film is watching Jason get the crap kicked out of him.


  1. It is a great one, a definite highlight of the series. Wonderful stuff.

  2. The whole Corey mimicks boy Jason look has gotta be one of the weirdest endings ever. Who thought of thisone?

  3. I really like the camp in this one. I would say the most solid of them with Jason in it. Joao Fernandes is now my fav dp now....

  4. It really doesnt get better than 4, I have to agree that White offers a frightening take on the character, and the chopping block is full of quirky and fun teen characters. Love the trivia Becks!

  5. This is hands down my favorite in the series! Ted White will always be my favorite Jason. And fucking Crispin Glover is in it! Need I say more?