Fridays in October Part 3

The Lowdown:
Part 3 is definitely one of the most enjoyable of the Friday the 13th series. Laughable Dialogue. Whiny actors. Lots of fake outs. But when it comes down to it, this will always be remembered as the film where Jason Voorhees becomes THE Jason. Watching him step onto the dock, harpoon gun in hand and hockey mask on face, you can just feel the presence of an icon.

Tell me, that's not scary.

Personal Sentiment:
This one has always held a special place in my heart. For whatever reason, the images of this Friday lingered in my head much more prominently than the others. And I’ll admit, after seeing all the Fridays around the age of 10, this was the only one that kept me awake at night. I’m not really sure why, but something about it struck a chord with me. The red barn was particularly memorable.

So maybe Jason's not a giant yet, but he is still one badass mofo.

Expanding Horizons:
Oh my goodness, there is not one…but TWO black people in this movie. Too bad they belong to a motorcycle gang, because I’m sure there was a rampant problem with African American motorcycle gangs running around New Jersey Quickie Marts.

Heeheehee. I laugh.

Another Dimension:
When I was around 13, my dad was asking me about a Friday the 13th in 3D. He said he had remembered seeing one where a guy walked on his hands. I laughed and said that it was from the third one, but I had no idea if it was in 3D or not. Well, it’s funny to watch it now and point out all the shots that were quite noticeably composed for the third dimension. It’s actually obvious when watching the credit sequence, which features mind-bending letters that pop out at you and it's set to an awesomely synthesized beat. Maybe one of these days I’ll pick up the 3D Blu-Ray.

I'm sure this looked way cooler in 3D.

Random Thought:
It really isn’t safe to go to the bathroom in horror movies and especially not in Friday the 13th films. We all know that showering equals death, but outhouses, bushes, or even speaking about going to the bathroom are deadly. Always trying to get us when we are most vulnerable. A lesson we learned long before Zombieland.

Hilarious Article:
CRYSTAL LAKE, NJ—Reports of a shadowy figure in the woods and heavy breathing heard in the night, coupled with a recent series of grisly murders, have generated rumors that U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney has returned to terrorize the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, sources reported Friday.

I just found this faux headline form The Onion about Dick Cheney killing people at Camp Crystal Lake, as if he was Jason. It’s great. Check it out here. It even mentions a cruise ship and a year when an impostor murderer (as opposed to Cheney/Jason) killed teens at Crystal Lake.


  1. It is a fun flick, for sure. And so early 80s. Just nothing to take to seriously, just relax and enjoy!

  2. I love this movie! Billy and I were going to post on it this week, but went with CANDYMAN 3 instead at the last minute. I am glad we didn't do a review to compete with yours.

    As always, great job!


  3. It's funny that we only think Jason is Jason, when he's got the hockey mask on, which was really a fluke decision, for him to wear it. Ironically one of the killers in "Alone in the Dark" (not the Uwe Boll one) turned up wearing on, so guess the Hockey Mask must have been Serial Killer Shiek that year.

    The downside for me with this film, is the 3D moments, especially seeing how they stand out so badly in regular 2D and it becomes to much of a Gimmick. However I loved the two stoners, who have some of the best moments in the film.

    Good Review

  4. I was always a fan of this one, too. I think the red barn definitely sealed the deal for me. Jason's stalking scenes were very scary and I agree about the iconic moment when he dons the hockey mask for the first time. I also have a fondness for the Final Chapter and love watching the two back-to-back.

  5. The third one is fun. I love the gang lol. So random. The onion article is amazing btw.

  6. Hey great blog! Friday the 13th Part III is by far my favorite...the eyeball popping out 3-d is amazing. And Shelley...best. Remember when Shelley said he wasn't skinny enough to go skinny dipping? But at least thanks to him we get the mask.

  7. Haha, Shelley's skinny dipping line is great. Definitely one of my favs, but it's so hard to pick just one! Thanks for stopping by!