I Heart Zombie

So now that I'm on my little filmmaking kick, I thought I'd post an old video Nick and I made several years ago, which is pretty much my love letter to the one and only George A. Romero (and it's not a subtle one). A cast and crew of 2 and a Mini-DV camera. Awww, the glory days. It's always fun to reminisce and see how much you've learned since then. It's a pretty low resolution upload and so some scenes are pretty dark, so you're warned. Oh, feel free to make fun of my terrible acting.

When a young woman's boyfriend is suddenly turned into a zombie, she finds herself in a quandary with no simple resolution. Will she be able to live with her undead, flesh-devouring lover? Or must she put an end to the stench of rotting flesh and the bouts of insatiable hunger?

P.S. What bad luck for a screen cap from Google video, huh?


  1. HA! That was great! :D

    Much better than, say, "THE DEAD NEXT DOOR", for example.

    Also, that 'Field Guide to Monsters' book you're reading in the living room scene? yeah, I have that one too.

    All in all, good stuff.

  2. I haven't seen The Dead Next Door, but thanks. :)

    Haha, every horror fan has at least one of those silly (I mean...informative) books.

  3. Ah, we would never make fun of terrible acting (unless it happens in high budget productions), because that is half of the fun of watching no-budget fan made movies. :)

  4. Wow a masterpeice. Zombies performance was jaw dropping.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing things like this. BTW - the people who made Zombie Honeymoon owe you guys a royalty check.

    Credits were hilarious. That is real indie film making right there.

    And plz don't break your neck to find Dead Next Door. I was totally duped into buying it about 15 years ago. If I can find my copy, I'll send it you and then you can burn it.

  6. Thanks Geof. Technically, Zombie Honeymoon was made a year earlier, but I'm not sure it found it's way to DVD until later. So maybe I owe them the royalty check? Haha. I remember seeing the DVD in Blockbuster and reading the back and going "Oh damn...everyone's gonna think I copied this movie."

  7. Either way, your version entertained me more. ;)

  8. I couldnt help but draw a similarity to ZH either, but not in a bad way. A very tragic love story, I really liked it Becks! The look you give Nick after he tosses back the Spam speaks more than dialogue could have. Thanks for posting, its great to see an actual filmmaker in our midst displayer her talent!