Thanksgiving on Elm Street Part 4

Oh my goodness…It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I’ve been crazy busy with work and my themed-month is taking a major hit because of it. I’m still trucking away at this though!!!! Moving right along to…
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
The story beings with the returning characters of Kristen (only played by someone else), Kincaid, and Joey, except we are back in a “normal” high school environment where the teens are trying to forget about the existence of Freddy Krueger. Eventually, these guys start dropping like flies and we get a new collection of high schoolers to predict the deaths of. All in all, it’s a pretty decent sequel, considering it’s the 4th entry. After overcoming the hurdle of finding a way to resurrect Freddy, the movie is then charged with the task of giving us new and interesting kills. It certainly does that, with some of the most unique in the series, even if the dream metaphysics are a tad strange in this one. Helmed by Renny Harlin, this is one of the most visually interesting films in the series and contains countless sight gags. Plus, there’s this whole self-reflexivity thing going on with mirrors and movie screens. It’s only marginally interesting and doesn’t seem like a whole lot of thought was put into it, other than “Hey that’s cool”; so I won’t really talk about that. For this entry, I thought I would go back to the fun little award show setup I did for some of the Friday films. So cue the cheesy classical music…

-Rick practices karate to “Anything, Anything” by Dramarama.
-Debbie works out to the annoying “I Want Your (Hands On Me)” by Sinéad O’Conner.
-Alice dons all her friend’s cool clothing and looks at her bad self in the mirror and says, “Fucking A.”

Alice becomes cool montage. From the close ups on the bracelets to the reveal of a less-than-exciting outfit…This montage is perfect.


-Debbie: “What 17-year-old has fatal asthma?”
-Kristen: “In case you haven’t been keeping score, it’s his fucking banquet and I’m the last course!”
-Kristen: “Alice, you’ll need my power!”

Kristen’s banquet speech. Who says things like that? It hardly makes sense in the context of the conversation.

I couldn’t choose just three…

-“Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.” When Alice combats Freddy in the dream land.
-“Why don’t you reach out and cut someone?” Trying to get Kristen to pull people into her dream.
-“How’s this for a wet dream?” Killing Joey in his water bed.
-“Mmm…Rick, you little meatball. I love soul food.” Eating the souls of people on a meatball pizza.
-“Wanna’ suck face?” Before he sucks the life out of Sheila…literally.

This is a tough one, but it’s going to go to the wet dream line. It actually made me laugh out loud because it probably suits the scenario more than any of the others.


-Sheila: Freddy kisses her and sucks her life out, turning her into a lifeless mummy thing.
-Rick: After he fights the invisible Freddy (who imitates a Ninja master), he is stabbed by Freddy’s floating glove.
-Debbie: She is turned into a roach and transported in to a little Roach Motel that Freddy squishes.

The winner is definitely Debbie! The scene is pretty nasty, as her arms are first broken at the elbows and slowly become roach legs. Her transformation looks great and it’s something everyone remembers from the movies.

Note: The Debbie and Joey death pics were lifted from a cool article on I-Mockery.com. If you click on the pics, it will take you to the article.


  1. Great review! Been too long since I have seen this one, but I remember it well.

  2. +JMJ+

    What's funny is that I didn't think I had seen this movie at all until you mentioned Debbie turning into a roach! =P So, yes, it is what people remember most from this movie!

  3. I would'a given the Rick/Karate/Dramarama montage the award... but yeah, that's just me. :) Also, I was in Toys' R Us yesterday, of all places, and they actually have the transforming Debbie/roach 'Cinema of Fear' figure. I nearly talked myself into buying it, but couldn't reconcile spending $15, especially since I'm not THAT hardcore of a figure collector and I need to buy Xmas presents.

  4. Yes! This is the Nightmare with the roach motel kill!

    Its also the movie where they use the Mumm-ra reflection trip to kill him.

    Yay then sigh...

  5. While this is definitely one of my less favorite Elm St. films, I do rank Debbie--played, no less, by Heather Langenkamp's (sic) looser kid sister on Just the Ten of Us--'s death as one of my favorite cinematic kill scenes of all time. Everything about it is so horrendous that when you imagine yourself in that place, it's just so darn...icky.