Belated Snippets from Screamfest

A little while ago I went to Screamfest for a single night and I watched two films: The Fourth Kind (click here for the review) and Tres Dias/Before the Fall. I will be reviewing the latter soon, I promise, and it's a very good film that we happened to catch almost by accident. Screamfest was held at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, which I had always wanted to see. Next up, I hope to visit the Egyptian, which is literally across the street. Much to my surprise, the actual Grauman's Chinese was not the venue in which the films were screened. I guess it's more of an historical landmark and you can pay for tours of it, which we did not do. Still, the Grauman's Chinese had a modern cineplex that looked similar to an AMC, only nicer.

Inside, Screamfest had a booth and press area set up. The volunteers were very nice, encouraging me to grab as many free posters as I could carry. I was so pleased that I snagged a full size House of the Devil poster. It made my night. Oh and so did this...

You've probably heard of the celebrity impersonators that walk the star-paved streets of Hollywood Blvd. This was my first time actually seeing them, since I have only been there on late weeknights when it's probably not profitable to be out. I was so happy to see a guy dressed as Jason, especially because I happened to be wearing my awesome Fright Rags shirt pictured above. The actor didn't say a word; he only grunted. I was impressed.

Overall, Nick and I had a good time, with only the minor stresses of finding parking at a reasonable rate and dealing with unexplained traffic after midnight. Then again, you expect these things when you are in the Los Angeles area. Attending the event did make me jealous of the people working for Fangoria, who attend these screenings, chat with directors, and then write about it. Awwww, why won't Fangoria respond to my e-mails?


  1. I'm insanely jealous that you got a full size House of the Devil poster. I wish you hadn't said it lol

  2. Ive been wanting to go for years, but I got disheartened after LUNATIC got the big pass. Sniff.. Ill be back though.. Wait til they read ZOMBIE UNIVERSITY!!! Glad you guys had fun, I wanna go to the wax museum across the street this coming year, its supposed ot have an awesome Horror display

  3. LA sometimes has some awesome film festivals and coventions. In NYC, we get your standard Fangoria weekend or Chiller fest. Though the NYC horror film festival is coming up which is kinda cool.

    -the jaded viewer

  4. It was great until fucking chewy tried to hustle money out of me

  5. Cool pics and sounds like Screamfest was a scream. lol

    Which version of House of the Devil poster did you get? The "retro" first one that was released? If so, that is awesome!

  6. Oh and did Chewbacca really try to hustle Nick for money? You gotta watch out for those wookies. Remember the strategy: Let the wookie win!

  7. Geof- I got the retro one! I was so happy about that. I've been in love with the poster before I really knew anything about the movie. Oh and Chewie really did try to hustle Nick for money....sad story


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