Fulfill Your Civic Duty as Citizens of the Horror Blogosphere

It's time to vote for Ms. Horror Blogosphere. Of course I would appreciate some support, especially since many of the contestants have much more experience and readership than me. But that might be a reason why they deserve the label more than me. I think it is also a nice gesture to support B-Sol's competition, regardless of who you vote for. He has put a lot of work into this and the spotlighted blogs are the main benefactors of the contest. So let's hope the voter turnout is better than in the American political environment, which isn't hard to do...

Go Here to vote. On the right, there is a gray bar where you can select the candidate. It will stay up on the main page of The Vault of Horror until the end of the voting period. You can only vote once, but you have until Friday, December 4th to do it.


  1. Well you got my vote in what is an impressive list of contenders. All the best!!

  2. done and done. Hope you take the crown. What's your first order of business if you pull out the victory?

  3. No offense, Becky, but I refuse to support something that tries to turn the blogs into a popularity contest. I'll probably get a lot of shit for saying that, but whatever. That's just how I feel. I know there's this big controversy going on with the "competition" with some chick I've never heard of putting her two cents in, but how I feel has nothing to do with her or her stupid opinions. As long as you gals are having fun with it, that's all that matters, right?!? All I'm saying is that I won't be voting. So there! Seriously though, best of luck to ya! :)

  4. Thanks Carl, Elwood, and Zach.

    Aaron, I completely understand. I never voted for prom or homecoming in high school because I thought it was a stupid idea to support a school-sponsored popularity contests. I know where you're coming from and I don't hold it against ya! I have no idea about the controversy thing you're referencing. Some people are lame I guess. I'm just glad my blog got a little more exposure from the competition and I don't really care about the results. :D