Rockin' the Costumes!

I'm sure I'll be reading about and seeing pictures of everyone's Halloween festivities. I promised I would share mine. My husband and I dressed as rockers from different eras for the party we hosted at our house. There were two other rockers at the party as well. I made a pumpkin pie for the first time, which turned out to be delicious. I also prepared other snacks for the party and Nick stirred up some Waboritas for guests willing to let him put their life in his hands. We also watched a little bit of Slither (but apparently guests didn't find it to be as funny as Nick and I do), The Faculty, Jason X, My Bloody Valentine, and Big Trouble in Little China.

Here is Nick's 60's psychedelic rocker costume, with inspiration from the Doors' organist:

Some people thought he was a 70's porn star though...

Here is my late 70's/early 80's rocker costume, which might remind you of the ladies from Heart or Joan Jett:

I only felt slightly ridiculous in faux snake skin pants and alligator skin heels. 

Here are some pictures from around the living room:

Hope you enjoy the pictures! And I can't wait to see all of yours. On a side note, Nick made a special horror post for Halloween at the The Action Effect, entitled "The Hard Asses of Horror." It's a hilarious read and some of the choices might surprise you. I definitely want a part 2 to this list. 


  1. Very cool.. I totally dig that lighting...

  2. Nice costumes!!! Did I see spiders hanging?!? :D Yikes!

    Creepy, looks good!


  3. Girl, rock that outfit! Looks like something I wear on the regular! Glad ya'll had a good time!

  4. M'hael-Thanks! The lighting always looks better in person too. Ambiance = awesome.

    Frog Queen-Thank you very much. Yup, those were spiders. :D

    Jenn-I totally admire you for wearing that on a regular basis. Hopefully, you have the legs for it because I certainly do not. Haha.

  5. Thats awesome, if the hair had been shorter I totally would have called Joan Jett but you rocked a mean Heart Becky!

    I dont think a single person had any idea what I was the whole night, it didnt seem like it would be hard to guess a drunk, smelly, sweaty guy lol..

  6. representin the chucky doll! holla!

  7. I like how it looks like Arachnaphobia in your house...

  8. Carl- Yeah, I saw an awesome wig that looked like Joan Jett's hair, but it was $40 and I was like "Well I have 70's hair anyway..."

    AtomicFox- Haha right, we have the same doll! I remember that post with the candy and the Chucky in the background. Woot!

  9. Cool outfits. Nick totally looks like a pron star and you totally look like you're ready to kick some ass. And I love the way you decorated your pad too...wait that sounded very feminine of me.

  10. Nice photos, thanks for sharing! Great blog, by the way.

  11. Geof- Haha thanks. It's not feminine if it's commenting on ghastly Halloween decorations. ;)

    Igloo Keeper- Nice to see you here! Thanks for the compliments. Hope to see you around some more.

  12. I slowly feel like that costume was a bad idea lol

  13. Becks I couldnt find any direct email addresses on here so I figured a comment was the next best bet! Shoot me an email when you get the chance at carlmanes@yahoo.com, I have a little project I would like you to participate in =D


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