Oh Shit, it's Friday the 13th!

Everyone has a special post for the wonderful occurrence of a Friday falling on the 13th day of the month. Since I've done retrospectives on all of the Friday films last month, what is left for me to do? Well, I thought about it for a while (like 3 whole hours) and found the perfect idea. In commemoration of the holiday, I am going to share a collection of "Oh Shit" faces from the Friday the 13th films. What is an "Oh Shit" face? Well, it's probably better for me to just show you...

"Oh shit, zip up your pants."

"Oh shit, my hands are hairy."

"Oh shit, but I'm the Final Girl!"

"Oh shit, I can't act!"

"Oh shit, I'm allergic to knives."

"Oh shit, you finished just in time."

"Oh shit, this movie's in 3D!"

"Oh shit, I'm dying for realzzz this time, I promise."

"Oh shit, my hand fell off!"

"Oh shit, there's something in my eye."

"Oh shit, guys, I'm really getting cold...guys? I'm not kidding. This isn't acting. I'm actually acquiring hypothermia as we speak."

"Oh shit, I just realized that 1920's porn was the last thing I ever saw..."

"Oh shit, my death is off screen!!!"

"Oh shit, giving it up tonight was a good call."

"Oh shit, I'll never say 'Talk to the Hand' ever again!"

"Oh shit, my career is already dying."

"Oh shit, you can't kill the girl with perfect boobs."

"Oh shit, this hurts, this really really hurts."

"Oh shit, I just came in here to take a shit."

"Oh shit, I'm f'ing crazy."

"Oh shit, I can't breathe!!!!!!!!"

"Oh shit, Jesus, help me out here."

"Oh shit, this is what I get for being a jerk."

"Oh shit, this monster stole my earring."

"Oh shit, you mean this blood is real?"

"Oh shit, this voyage is doomed."

"Oh shit, I just wanted to rock!"

"Oh shit, I become BAMF."

"Oh shit, that was not the type of money shot I was expecting."

"Oh shit, my death is so COOL...get it?"

"Oh shit, this sucks on so many levels!" (No work necessary on my part)


"OHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!"

As a final note, I'd like to thank the amazing BodyBags Count site for so many of these images and for being a wonderful guide to the death scenes from all of the classics. It's like an encyclopedia of kills, with images and useful information.


  1. What a great post. I love the comments you put on them and then that last picture, well, it was a perfect way of ending the string of photos. I also hate to admit that it took me several minutes to place some of the scenes, which means I have gone far too long without seeing most of these films. Time for a Friday marathon I think.

  2. Rhonny, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.

    William, Thank you. Yeah, some of the jokes may not make sense to you then. Definitely go for the marathon and what better time, eh?

  3. Oh shit great post. I watched a lot of the original series this year so yeah, this is a fun look back. :)

  4. Also, I wanted to mention a site I like The Flesh Farm (http://www.thefleshfarm.com) that site does coroner's reports of people killed in horror movies. Like an insanely huge amount.

  5. This was a fantastic idea and a great execution. Oh shit, indeed.

    My favorite?
    "Oh shit, I'm allergic to knives."

  6. You forgot "Oh shit psychic powers sucks"

  7. Great post! Even though Parts 5 and on SUCK- still a very clever idea and lots of fun!

  8. The "talk to the hand" one was the best. I really can't stop laughing.


  9. Shitastically brilliant Becky!

  10. Great post to celebrate the date! Gonna check out that BodyBags site now!

  11. Nice! My favorite is the sad resignation on the face of the "Oh shit. My hand fell off" guy.

  12. Pfft, hilarious! I've never seen any of these films, and now I don't need to!

  13. Just saw Friday the 13th 3-D and it's utter sh*t!