Fridays in October Part 10

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Halloween festivities, whether it was at a party or simply rocking a solitaire movie marathon from the couch. I also hope that you all have enjoyed the month of October. I’m a little sad to see it go, as my Halloween decorations are slowly coming down and the jack-o-lanterns are rotting, but a lot of us horror enthusiasts live like it’s Halloween most of the year anyway. We just don’t seem out of place in the fall. That said, Fridays in October is also over. I watched the last Friday last night, while it was technically still October. However, I will be honest and say that I did not pay as much attention to the film as I normally would, since we were hosting a party while it was playing. Still, it’s a movie that doesn’t require undivided attention:

Jason X

What is there to say about the tenth installment? I love it. You know you love it. It’s terrible yet brilliant. It’s gaudy yet simple. It’s flakey yet fun. After Jason Goes to Hell, what is there left to do?  Send Jason to space of course! Freeze him up and thaw him out in the future—a future where women wear skanky clothes on spaceships and a future where nanotechnology is the answer for everything. The movie is completely over-the-top and the filmmakers know it. What makes it work is that they spare no details in making sure almost every moment is rendered in some form of ridiculousness. We get lots of dead bodies (including one of the best kills ever), a new look for Jason, tons of campy one-liners, and we get some truly memorable scenes. Sure this film is responsible for stripping away any ounce of seriousness the Friday the 13th franchise had left, but it really couldn’t have gone in any other direction successfully.

I applaud you film, I applaud.

Quotes. We love quotes, right? Trivia. That’s always fun. Quotes and Trivia, that’s what this retrospective will be comprised of because I really don’t feel like discussing Jason X in great detail and I’m sure you would rather watch the film than read it.


Janessa: “Oh, this sucks on so many levels!” (Before being sucked out of the ship through a small hole)

Virtual Teen #1: “Hey, do you want a beer?”
Virtual Teen #2: “Or do you wanna’ smoke some pot?”
Virtual Teen #1: “Or we can have premarital sex.”
Virtual Teen #1 & #2: “We love premarital sex!”

Rowan: “Jason-fucking-Voorhees, that’s what’s going on!”


Professor Lowe: “Guys, it’s okay! He just wanted his machete back!”

Brodski: “It’s gonna’ take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog…(Jason stabs him again)…Yeah, that oughta do it.”

Crewmember: “He’s screwed.” (after someone falls on a giant drill/screw)


Dr. Wimmer: “His unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue, it just cries out for more research.”

Rowan: “Not nothing. You don’t just say “Oops.” What “oops”?

Kay-EM 14: “I’d clap if I could” (her severed cyborg head speaking)

Jason goes to the trendy salon...I mean space.


The screenwriter oh-so-cleverly used Alien as a basis for his space horror film. One of the characters is even named Dallas after Tom Skeritt’s character.

Apparently, the screenwriter is an even bigger nerd than we all suspected. He named several characters after his online friends’ on EverQuest.

This Friday has the highest death count at 28. Well played guys, well played.

The devils over at the MPAA were easier on Jason X than other installments. It is the least mutilated of the series in terms of cutting down violence.

The producer is Noel Cunningham, the son of Sean Cunningham. I’m sure he’s proud.

With a budget of $13,500,000, the film didn’t quite make its money back at the box office (about a mill shy). The opening weekend brought in $6,649,006. Now, I kind of feel bad for not showing my support back in the day and heading to the theatre.

The actor who plays Sgt. Brodski, Peter Mensah, also plays the Messenger that gets kicked into the pit in 300. Haha. Madness. He also does some voice acting in Dead Space.

BFG! There’s a reference to the “Big Fucking Gun” from Quake and Doom.

Kane Hodder was paid $100,000 to reprise the role of Jason. Well worth the money.

Hodder has said that Jason X is his favorite Friday, but he sometimes changes his mind. He loves the look of Uber-Jason.

"Say wha???"


I'm glad to be done with Fridays in October, but also a little sad that it's over. I'm thinking that I may do a "Halloween in Christmas" and review all of the Halloween films for the month of December. That should be fun. It will be like Christmas in July, but not really. Hmmmm....


  1. I love the pic you found for this up at the top - never saw that particular bit of poster/promo art before!

  2. Good post, great movie. I would really enjoy reading "Halloween in Christmas".

  3. Hey, it's the same writer as MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, so you know it's not going to be bad. I really like this movie. But, I am sure I am in the minority there.


  4. I like this one, too. Cheesy? Yeah, but fun. Love Kay-Em.

    Fun! And I would LOVE Halloween in December! :)

  5. I have to admit, I liked this flick. I gave it 1 spinkick (see review here)

    I mean Jason can hear premarital sex like 20 decks up on the ship and its got Lexa Doig.