Ms. Horror Blogosphere is Coming and I'm a Contestant

B-Sol from The Vault of Horror recently asked me to participate in a friendly competition among the female horror bloggers entitled "Ms. Horror Blogosphere." It's a marvelous opportunity for shameless self-exposure (for me) and a great way to learn about some cool blogs that are out there (for you). Over the next few weeks, various blogs will be spotlighted on the site. I'll be sure to let you know when mine is up, but please check in from time to time to see the other ladies' blogs because I'm sure they are all awesome. Eventually, there is going to be some form of a vote to crown Ms. Horror Blogosphere. Regardless of the competitive aspect of this, it's an awfully nice gesture to be invited and so I'd like to thank B-Sol for putting this on.  

If you want to see the list of contestants, go here. For the initial announcement and more information, go here.


  1. Sounds cool! Good luck Becky.

  2. IN!! Say the word Becks and we will be there to support you =D

  3. My pleasure, Becky! Looking forward to your entry...

  4. You had better win this one. I mean no offense to any other competitors, but your posts are consistently entertaining. Still one of my favorites and one of the very few that I check in on almost daily.


  5. Show 'em you're a tiger, show 'em what you can do.......


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