Honest Scrap Award/Tag

Special thanks to Geof over at Enter The Man-Cave for tagging me and nine others for this award. In specific, he mentions my CAPS reviews (screen captures and captions) and that means I need to do more of them because people seem to like them. I am currently working on one for The House on Sorority Row, so I'll try to have that up soon.

Anyway, in regards to the "Honest Scrap Award"...First of all, check out Enter The Man-Cave. Geof posts frequently on a variety of subjects (and yes, it is safe for women to enter the Cave) and he's pretty damn funny. Secondly, I get the opportunity to hand this award out to ten other blogs with links back to them. Thirdly, I am going to list 10 honest things you don't know about me.

Kick Ass Sites:

1) Horror Movie A Day: BC's was the first blog I started reading. He's hilarious and reviews everything from the big Hollywood releases to the crappy obscure horror flicks. Plus, he knows what he's talking about.

2) I Like Horror Movies: Carl is an insane blogger. How does he do it? So many posts! He's also a nice guy and comments frequently.

3) The Horror Club: Awesome reviews of a variety of horror films that are sure to make you laugh. If you're male, chances are you'll like this blog. Every post seems to have at least one picture of a hot chick in a skimpy outfit.

4) Tower Farm Reviews: Brothers Billy and Jeremy will find the craziest films to review that everyone has never heard of or simply forgotten about. These guys love exploitation and sleazy movies more than anyone I know.

5) Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies?: Zac Nova is a cool kid with a lot of great posts on his site. He is also an avid commenter on just about all of my favorite blogs.

6) The Action Effect: My husband's site for action films. He's new to the blog scene and doesn't have tons of posts yet, but so far, it's shaping up to kick ass. He even includes what type of food to eat with the action film he reviews.

7) No Comment: Aaron has well-informed, thoughtful reviews of every type of horror movie. He even has themed months.

8) Olympic Artichoke: Lots of well-put-together articles and I love the "Now That's Art!" section, which often features cool movie posters (back before they soley comprised of enlarged faces of movie stars).

9) Anathema Arcana: If you want to check out some dark artwork, take a look at the talented King Unicorn's blog. This stuff is sure to be conversation-worthy.

10) The Good Indoorsman: I just stumbled across this blog a couple days ago and I really like what I've seen so far. JLG seems to have a lot of personality and I look forward to reading the blog more in the future.

Honest Things About Me:

1) I have never broken a bone
2) I'm not only a nerd about horror movies, but I'm really into copyright law (and ultimately it's destruction muhaha)
3) I graduated Summa Cum Laude (complete nerd, I told you)
4) My mom HATES horror movies, but still loves me
5) I like to speak Spanish when I drink
6) I started making home movies at the age of 13 on a VHS-C camcorder
7) I don't have a MySpace account
8) My husband can beat me in almost every video game, except Mortal Kombat
9) I met my husband while playing Counter-Strike (the nerd theme continues)
10) I have never smoked

Well if you received the tag, then go ahead and pass it on to ten other bloggers and include a post with ten honest things about yourself.


  1. I take offense at the notion that I 'know what I'm talking about'!!! :)

    J/K, thanks for the plug/kind words!!

  2. No way, an award!

    I'd like to thank my mom for making me possible... oh never mind. Thanks for the award, and I'll have to check out the man-cave too...

  3. no smoking = awesome, I hate smoking and I am completely biased towards smoking laws that prohibit it! Thanks for the tag Mrs Becky, each of the blogs you and Geof have selected are very well deserving!

  4. Alas, I'll have to do this next week! (But I promise I will)

    - Zac

  5. Thanks for the kind words Becky! I have never had a MySpace account and I own my wife in every game except air hockey. She's no match for me in...MORTAL...KOMBAT. =)

    Yeah the CAPS review rock!!

  6. You are the best, Becky. Thanks for mentioning us. I am hitting your husband's site now, to start following it. It looks like he's a Charles Bronson fan, and that is good news to me.


  7. Bronson is KING of ALL ACTION. lol

  8. Btw Thanks a lot for giving me this award I really don't deserve cause i'm married to you lol. I will do the Honest scrap thing when I have more of an idea of what the heck im doing.

  9. I've done it!


  10. Wow! Thanks B-Movie Becky! That's totally rad, especially from someone with as cool of a site as you. Keep up the good work!