A couple days after the wedding, my husband (I can finally say that now) and I went to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico for our honeymoon.

Unfortunately, we did not run into any zombies or get chased down by a mysterious killer on an adventure hike, but we did have ten amazing days in the Baja. San Jose Del Cabo is about 20 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas. It's less whitewashed and less focused on catering to party people from north of the border. However, it's an area that is changing quickly and almost the entirety of the southern Baja region is becoming more "touristy." Still, San Jose and Todos Santos were some fun places we visited that retain much of the charm and historical qualities of a traditional Mexican town.

Happy Hour means 2 drinks for the price of 1!

At the beach in front of our hotel.


A geuine Waborita. Mmmm

You have to go to Sammy Hagar's bar, Cabo Wabo when you are in the area

Inside Cabo Wabo. I just find this picture amusing cause I'm not looking at the camera, yet my smile is totally fake and posed.


  1. Looks like a blast to me! Still, could have used a few zombies..

  2. That's awesome Becky! My wife and I went to Playa Del Carmen for our honeymoon last year. Look like you had a great time!

  3. Doh - I got so caught up in your post that i forgot to mention...I gave you an award/tag. Please check out the post on my site when you get a chance. =)

  4. The Cabo Wabo was great! love you baby!