Excitement in the Air

So I just recently sat back and realized how excited I am for 2009, and particularly, these next couple of months for the horror genre. There are some films coming out that look fantastic and some that just look like a good time. We have our share of studio fare, indie surprises, and foreign mindbogglers on their way. I will watch any horror film that comes my way; I love them all even if I don't think they are good. I will sit through PG-13 mass-marketed garbage, cliche teen slashers, another Asian ghost movie, and just about anything else that finds it's way into my beloved genre. So, just to get you all excited about the cinematic experience, here are some highlights of 2009 for the American theatrical run! *

What We've Had So Far:

My Bloody Valentine in 3D -- How much fun did you have watching "Harry Warden" come at your face with a pickax in the third dimension?

The Last House on the Left -- Finally, a remake for a film that actually could have used some updating and what a great remake it was.

Drag Me To Hell -- Oh, we still love you Sam! Do more horror movies please!

Dead Snow -- Two words: Nazi Zombies...SOLD!

Grace -- We're all dying to get a chance to see this one; damn you limited releases.

Orphan -- Better than everyone thought. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised by what appeared to be a run-of-the-mill studio film.

And Here is Some of What We Can Look Forward To:

The Final Destination -- Yeah, the actual movie looks bad, but I can't wait to watch the elaborate deaths play out in 3D!

H2 -- Whether you liked the first one or not, I think we are all curious to see what Mr. Zombie has in store for us.

Pandorum -- Good Sci-Fi/Horror blends don't happen all that often and I'm anxious to see this one. Plus, after watching Antibodies, I will see anything this director does.

Sorority Row
-- Yup. It's gonna be great. Terrible, but amazing.

Jennifer's Body -- Well, you gentleman certainly have something to look forward to.

Zombieland -- This could quite possibly be the most fun horror movie of the year. Who isn't looking forward to this?

The Stepfather -- Really? You remade that? Ok, I'm down.

The Fourth Kind -- This movie could go either way (a disappointment or a surprise scare), but I am intrigued by the trailer.

* No, I didn't list everything, just some highlights.


  1. Don't forget "Wrong Turn 3"!!!

    I am SO excited for "The Final Destination" and "Sorority Row", plus the Stepfather remake looks entertaining.

  2. Haha, yes Zac, I am so excited for WT3! But I was limiting this to theatrical releases, just because there are so many DVD's to keep track of!

  3. That's a good thing with being a horror fan, there's always SOMETHING coming out whereas I couldn't name you one comedy film to come out in the future. And how many straight-to-DVD comedy films are there? Or dramas?

    I might post about this topic, actually!

  4. You forgot Avatar, but I guess pandorum looks sweet too.