The Final Destination (2009): Death in Yo’ Face!

A fun experience for those who like to see people die in weird ways.

I love the title of this one. Adding the definite article just means that they are setting themselves up for lies. We all know it’s not THE final Final Destination film, especially since it climbed to #1 at the box office over the weekend, standing triumphantly on the head of Zombie’s H2 . But grammar choice aside, this movie delivered the goods in a format that was destined to be utilized for this type of action.
Our heroes...meh..t.he most generic kids ever.
Opening with a fun credit sequence that showcases deaths from the three previous films via X-rays of skeletons, I knew I was in for a good ride. Rock music blaring. Race cars zooming by in 3D. Mildly good-looking teenagers providing not-so-interesting dialogue. Yup, this is exactly what I wanted to enjoy on my Friday night. In many ways, the scenes on the race track provided some of the best 3D experiences of the movie. I actually flinched when a metal object flew at me from the raceway and I’m not usually a jumpy person.

Some of the best "oh shit" faces I've ever seen.
Although the big disaster opening is plagued by lots of CG (as is the rest of the film), I never get tired of watching deaths unfold in bizarre ways. The series began as a fairly contemplative look at the mystery of death with some comical horror moments thrown in, but it has surely evolved into something that left behind philosophy and embraced a morbid guessing game of gruesomeness. What was great about The Final Destination is that it didn’t waste as much time as the earlier sequels did with entangled plotlines about death’s plan and unnecessary exposition. It’s the fourth go at it. And it’s not a complex formula. We get it. So thank you for realizing that we are not complete morons and just letting us get on with mindless death scenes unfolding before our eyes.
Is it wrong that I laughed during this scene? He was a racist, so no.
The death scenes themselves are not necessarily more elaborate than the film’s predecessors. Instead of creating a ridiculously long chain of events that lead to a character’s demise, the film builds up misleading events and focuses on objects that trick us into thinking they will be involved in the death. This is part of what is so fun about these movies. Everything, from a tea kettle to a leaky faucet, become sources of suspense. The gore that unfolds is decent—nothing spectacular, but it’s gonna’ make you laugh because you’re one sick puppy.
Don't worry, this scene is much better than it looks from the trailer.
I find myself short on words when it comes to this movie. I mean, what else can I really say? I’m not going to discuss technical elements, story, or acting. You know what you’re getting yourself into and all I can tell you is that you’ll have a good time. Go see a horror movie that was begging for the third dimension since its inception into the world.  


  1. This was a great experience in 3d and horror cinema. The tire ripping the chick up was amazing in 3d. I couldnt have asked for more. I dont even think avatar can beat this one.

  2. Nice review. I also enjoyed the flaming racist being dragged down the street. I was actually in a theater at least 3/4 full of black people and when that guy said the N word, you could cut the tension with a knife in that room! Loved the escalator part and the pool part, too. The movie did actually throw me off a little bit just once. It was just a ton of fun, nothing too serious. But it makes me wonder...is my typing this comment going to somehow lead to my death, tonight, tomorrow, or years from now?! ahhhhh!

  3. Don't scare away the comments atomic! :P I bet that audience was cheering during his death though, huh?

  4. With Friday night already claimed as a movie night, I'm glad I stopped in here to catch the latest release reviews. After the dismal report on H2, I don't feel so concerned about putting the cash down for TFD.

    And I agree that the prospect of this being the final ride is absurd. It might be next year or 20 years from now, but some young director is going to cut his teeth in the Hollywood of the future by pitching The Really Final Last Destination at the End of the Line XVII: No Jacket Required.

  5. Haha, I like those future prospect titles.

    Hopefully, you have a good time with TFD and that's all you can ask for really. :)

  6. oh yeah it was like when obama won the election lol :P