The Wonder World of "Oh Shit!" Faces: Part 1

One of my favorite posts of all time is my compilation of "Oh Shit" faces from the Friday the 13th films in commemoration of the holiday. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact, I get so much enjoyment from collecting "Oh Shit" faces that I suddenly felt compelled to turn it into an ongoing feature. Like all ongoing features of The Horror Effect, there is no rhyme or reason to them. Who knows how often it will show up or when, but for now you can enjoy my first compilation of some of modern horror's Damsels in Distress.

"Oh shit, these gloves are silky smooth! Sheepskin?"

"Oh shit, can you fix my wig?"

"Oh shit, this is gonna' suck almost as much as the movie."

"Oh shit, this isn't streak-free!"

"Oh shit, this was the...worst.. makeover... ever!"
"Oh shit, that rave was awesome. I feel fuzzy."
"Oh shit, I forgot my hall pass."
"Oh shit, you think we'll actually get paid for the sequel?!"
"Oh shit, I didn't brush my teeth."
"Oh shit, dude your hand totally smells like ass."


  1. Oh shit, I bet Michael Myers does smell like shit .

  2. the is the funniest poop i have read all day, and i read a lot of poop... great stuff!

  3. Nicely done....love these type of posts.

  4. "Oh shit! I got cast in one of the most hated remakes of all time!" Halloween Fail.

  5. You need a shit i pooped my pants one lol

  6. Good stuff! Excellent use of the phrase "Oh Shit..." I approve!