Ever Been Left 4 Dead?

You may have seen Nick's post on the same subject, so I apologize about the redundancy for those of you that follow both blogs. You will have to hear our geeky plead twice.

We play the zombie-apocalypse-themed first-person shooter, Left 4 Dead, on PC quite a bit, but we are always looking for more people to join in.Versus games are most fun with 8 people playing at once. We may be nerds, but we don't always have enough nerdy friends willing to shoot zombies all night in order to fill up some spots.

For the past couple months, I was playing Left 4 Dead on my brother's account because he never plays. I was too cheap to actually purchase the game. However, I finally decided to put down the cash for my own digital copy when Steam announced that it was selling the game for only $15!!!

So....if you already play or if you have been thinking about getting the game, we are trying to recruit you into our small battalion of zombie killing machines. It is the first video game that has truly captured the feeling of a zombie apocalypse. I honestly haven't played many PC games since Counter-Strike, but this brought me back in because it's a hell of a lot of fun.

My Steam Account: BeckySayers
Nick's Steam Account: Bruenorbattlehammer85@hotmail.com

If you're still not sold, check out these faux retro movie posters that greet you before campaigns:


  1. I commented on this already on your hubby's blog. $15 is a steal for this game. Even with 4 levels, it never gets old. And lucky you for getting the PC version. My laptop is way too ghetto to handle the speed required for a good game playing experience so I had to settle for the PC version. You can play with the cool and funny mods on that, so I'm pretty jealous.

  2. Yeah I had to update my GFX card for Left 4 Dead. Haha.

  3. hmm i might get this game if it's only $15. i've never been good at shooter games, though. i'm better at the 8-bit games where your character can only travel left and right on the screen lol.