As you know, I was very excited to catch the special midnight L.A. screening of Paranormal Activity. Well, I didn't get to see the movie because of the overwhelming 4,500 people that lined up. Needless to say, they were beyond capacity and apparently allowed way too many people (like me) to reserve seats.

Here is the annoying thing. This is the article from Bloody-Disgusting, who hosted the screeening:

They make it seem like it was an exclusive Bloody-Disgusting event, but it wasn't. The screening was open to everyone in the L.A. area and advertised with Twitter and Facebook. If I had known that and BD didn't make it sound like it was their thing only, then I would have arrived several hours earlier than I did. I drove 40 miles into LA (a city that I despise), arrived about 2 hours early, paid for parking, and was given a Paranormal Activity shirt as consolation.

So...I'm a little peeved by Paramount and BD for not really letting us know that we would have had to arrive 4 hours early to get in and probably 6 hours early to get a decent seat. I know they say they can't predict these things, but when that many people RSVP, you can add a note to your little e-mail reminder the night before. And another thing, over-reserving sucks...of course everyone was going to show up to a free screening advertised to all of Los Angeles.

All I can say is that I hope it gets a wide release and it most likely will. EPIC FAIL!


  1. I hope it gets a wide release to because I'm dying to see it! Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your night. I'd be rather annoyed if I were you, too.

  2. Bloody Disgusting is a shaky site. They seem to "twist" things a lot over there, and if you read through the comments of their posts, some people call them out regularly on it.

    In fact, the thread you link to above has some people calling them out in it LOL.

    PA will go wide in October, so never fear.

  3. Hey at least you got a shirt! I don't think they're even playing that movie in Chicago... :(

  4. Yeah, that tops the lameometer for the night, hopefully you went to the Wax Museum instead!!

  5. There is a midnight show in NYC tonight and I decided against it because of what u said happened in LA.

  6. Oh that stinks. It sounds like BD screwed the pooch in promoting it. DC was really upfront about telling folks to get thier early since it was open to the public. We waited for about 2+ hours before getting in.

  7. On the bright side, perhaps this will convince the studio heads to give it a wider release.

  8. Oh, and you couldn't pay me to see this film - I have literally NO interest in it.