T-Shirts, T-Shirts, Everywhere!

If you're feeling the Halloween spirit and would like some new festive attire, check out some of these websites to bulk up your horror wardrobe:

Crazy Dog T-Shirts:
The site has kindly offered readers of The Horror Effect $5 off of their purchase from now until Halloween. Just enter the following code: HALLO5Check out their zombie section, Halloween shirts, and Halloween costumes. I really want this hoodie:

These guys are also running a Halloween sale until November 1st. All Halloween shirts are just $10. Plus, they will send a "Trick or Tee" mystery shirt from their Halloween collection for $5 extra with your purchase. Let fate decide your wardrobe. This shirt, "When Pandas Attack," makes me very happy:

Of course, you all should know about Fright-Rags, but in case you haven't heard, they're amazing. I own five of their shirts, including a special edition Friday the 13th print and special edition Ladies of the Evil Dead print. You get 10% off of your first purchase, if you sign up for their newsletter (which is not spam; it's always useful). One of their newer shirts: