My First Feature Horror Film

So I’ve been up to something lately. You may have noticed my sporadic bouts of absence from the horror blogosphere over the past couple of months. I wish I could say I was out saving the world or something, but I’ve been working on the next best thing: my first feature horror film. (Besides the one I made in junior high--that doesn't count because it's terrible)

The film is titled Break and here is the synopsis: Reunited for the weekend, a group of friends are driven to violence when an unknown force seems to bring out the worst in them. Who will be the first to break?

Melissa Fisher as Angela

My husband and I made Break in about two weeks for a couple thousand dollars, using non-professional actors and hardly any crew. Relying on friends, family, and film students, Break was somewhat of an experiment to see if we could really make a feature film. Well, our hypothesis was correct: we could do it and we did.

Break was one of those projects that kept evolving over time. The story was changed to accommodate budget, the cast was swapped at the last minute due to schedules, and Nick and I found ourselves constantly filling in crew (and even cast) positions at the last minute. However, I believe that the best directors are those who understand every job on set and the best way to understand those jobs is by actually doing them. Ideally, it wouldn’t be all at once, but hey, at the end of the day the movie needs to get made regardless of who does what. We learned so much from the experience of Break and I wouldn’t trade all of the trials and tribulation for a smooth ride.
Danny Bauer as Kane

I just created a blog for the film, which you can find here. Follow for updates on the future of the project, as we send it out to contests, festivals, and whatever else comes our way. We just entered the film into the “Big Break Movie Contest,” which is sponsored by Rogue and offers the chance to have your feature film screen at 50 AMC theatres. There are some awesome films submitted already, so go check them out. And if you feel compelled, please rate the trailer for Break here. I don’t think the rating actually impacts the contest, but it can’t hurt.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a screener, just let me know and I’d be happy to send you one—don’t worry, no rave reviews required. =P I know the movie isn’t perfect, but I am curious to see what people (especially horror fans) think of it.


  1. Awesome! I admire this type of filmmaking, because I do it myself as well! I made a horror comedy called Cannabis Cannibal and its sequel Cannabis Cannibal Exodus, I made it same way, with my friends and family. IT was an extremely fun experience.

    You can make some money off of it by showing it around town! Set up a place, charge five bucks, make some dough! Make your budget back!

    But thats not what matters though, what matters is the filmmaking experience, learning the ins and outs of telling a story, and making sense of everything you shot in the editing room. I love the whole process! Its when you do films on your own where you learn how important music and sound effects are in a film. As well as the editing.

    Good luck with this and future projects!

  2. I want a screener! What do you need from me?

  3. Oh! Congratulations, by the way! I am solely a movie appreciator, not a filmmaker. But I recently did some research for a character I am writing about who is an independent filmmaker, and I was absolutely floored by all of the work and demands that go into making a film. By the time I finished the book "The Power Filmmaking Kit" I knew I would forever have an immense appreciation for what people like you and your husband do.

  4. That's awesome!
    I totally want to see this movie. I'll review it, if you want....


  5. Thanks everyone!

    Andrew and Chris, just e-mail me at rebeccamariesayers@gmail.com with your mailing address and I'll send ya one.

  6. Congrats Becky! I'd love to take a look. I'll drop you a line also.

  7. Wow, amazing Becky. Congratulations! I've had a script in mind for a horror film for awhile and have never put pen to paper. Kudos to you for going the whole nine yards. Best of luck! And I'll be emailing you for a screener :)

  8. I'll join the ranks of those begging/demanding screeners from ya, Becky!!! Holy shit, how exciting... :) (plus, I'm broke these days and will take whatever free horror flicks I can get, hahahahaha j/k) Expect my email in short order, and even if you don't get around to sending me one, expect my unfaltering support as always. Congrats on your achievement, and thanks a lot for making lazy assholes like me, the ones who never do anything, look even worse... ;)

  9. Have you considered uploading your film to a video hosting site? like veehd.com or maybe even youtube.com?

    It'll probably cost you a bunch sending out screeners to people... anyways, best of luck!

  10. Well done! This looks amazing! I just finished making a short film and that was difficult enough, so I can appreciate how tough it is getting a low budget feature made.

  11. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah boooyyiiieee, that is fantastic news Becky! You know I am on board with that one, can't wait to see the film! Expect e-mail shortly (shortly = immediately)

  12. Astro, Haha. I do whatever I can to make the lazy people suffer!!! j/k.

    Anonymous, Thanks for the advice and well wishes. I may do that at some point, but I think it's hard to watch films on a computer...I certainly don't enjoy them as much.

    Chris, There's been many short films before this, as well as some failed attempts. Haha.

    Carl, The "yeah boy" thing made me laugh out loud.

  13. First feature film, congrats!

    I like what I saw in the trailer, looks promising. I'll drop you a mail.

  14. Congrats, Becky! Extremely proud of you and can't wait to see it! :)

  15. Thanks Old Folkie and Aaron. Feels like I got married again with all the "congrats." Haha.

  16. This is great Becky. Kudos for going out and just making a movie. Not a lot of people can say they made a movie and have an IMDB credit! I'll be shooting you an e-mail for a screener as well!

  17. Holy independent film making, Becky! Congratulations to you and Nick finishing your first debut effort. Sounds like a good time so I will make sure to e-mail you for a screener pronto.


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