The Final Chapter on the Big Screen

Before tonight, the only films in the Friday the 13th series that I had seen in a theatrical setting were Freddy vs. Jason and the remake. So of course when I had the opportunity to see one of the most beloved of the sequels, I was excited. Central Cinema in Seattle not only screened Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Part IV), but also held a pre-show from the Bloodsquad--in which they improvised a live version of a slasher film.

The comedy group first asked the audience to pick a fake name for a slasher movie. Someone immediately shouted, “Let’s Kill a Co-Ed.” And with that, the Bloodsquad improvised a ten-minute collegiate slasher on stage. Poking fun at Final Girl clichĂ©s and creating a rather impressive beatbox version of Manfredini’s F13 score, I can’t think of a better way to get ready to watch some classic 80’s Jason carnage.

Luckily, the audience was just as excited as I was. Guffawing at Crispin Glover’s hideous dancing (the theatre also screened an extended version of his dance from the outtakes prior to the film) and cheering whenever Ted White's Jason graced the screen, I was in horror fan heaven. My favorite part about the night was when the audience counted out the deaths, yelling “1” after the first death and so on. Some began to lose count and others got confused about the mother’s off-screen death. However, myself and a couple other faithful fans knew the real score. In the end, Jason kills 13.

Seeing a classic Friday film on the big screen was way more fun than I could have anticipated. There’s something about the high-pitched score surrounding you and seeing girls catapulted out of windows in slow motion. The Final Chapter still plays great to an audience. Now let’s hope I get to see Part II (my personal favorite) in a similar fashion someday.


  1. Part IV is great fun, you get the feeling that they made it that good cause they really thought it was going to be the last one...but it turned out so good and made so much box office that they kept right on. With part V unfortunately.

    Watching these movies with a horror loving crowd on Halloween Month must have been quite the experience, like a horror fans version of Rocky HOrror Picture Show.

  2. Part 2 is my personal favorite from the series as well. I haven't watched Part 4 on the big screen, but a few years ago I got to see Part 3 on the big screen. A local theater was showing it for two nights only at midnight, and it was even in 3D. I had watched it many times before, but never in 3D or on the big screen so I just had to go!

    Much like it was for you, it was a fun crowd to be in. People were cheering and just having a great time with the movie. If I had never watched it before, I might have found that a little annoying, but it did get me more into it that time around. Glad you had a blast!

  3. Congrats on seeing it on the big screen. It really works up there. I haven't seen this in a theater since 1984 (imagine a times square theater filled with bums and rats) You are one lucky gal!

  4. Film Connoisseur, I actually have a softspot for Part V, even though it is kind of a betrayal to the Friday films. It just has this great awkward tone to it that I find way too amusing. But Part IV is definitely the better sequel.

    Heather, I really want to see Part 3 in 3D! I'm completely jealous. I can just imagine the eyeball part!

    Cinema Du Meep, Haha. Did you also see Jason Takes Manhattan in times square?

  5. *Fawn* Jealous!! This is easily in my top 3 in the series, I love Final Chapter, and it would have been a blast to catch it theatrically! Glad you had fun Becks!

  6. BBBecky... I did, actually! Very fitting, no?