Wishing you a HAPPY Friday the 13th!

In celebration of the last fateful day when the 13th fell on a Friday, I prepared this post--images of "Oh shit" faces from the Friday the 13th series. Today, to wish you all a happy holiday, let's take a look at the faces of glee from the Friday films. That's right, faces of happiness for this unlucky day. How's that for irony? I told you I was clever, didn't I?

The happiest children's summer camp cook ever.

Happy campers...har har.

Even psychos deserve happiness.

Peaceful moment of bliss.

One of my favorite Final Girls...and she has a great smile.

Disabled, but not unable.

Witnessing skinny dipping teens for the first time.

Bad jokes. Good times.

The happy couple before very unhappy, painful deaths.

The robot...a better time? Maybe not.

Yay for boobies!

I'm pretty sure Jason is happy about how badass he looks right now.

Have a nice day!

She's not a nice person, but she sure is happy about it!

Is that smile I see? Yes, I think so!

"Why yes, I am very happy about being an HNIC."

Drinking and drugs and premarital sex...oh my!

Creepy cyborg smiles.

"My video will get 10,000 hits on You Tube before getting shut down."

Douchebags. Happy ones.


  1. Happy Friday the 13th everybody! May the hacking and slashing prosper!

  2. Happy F-13 to you too. The HNIC and crooked smile were funny captions.

  3. Hah! Fun way to look at the day! Happy F13 (a little late) to you, too!

  4. The happiness of the characters is what makes the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise great. Slasher flicks that feature a cast full of quarrelsome assholes (see GUTTERBALLS or 976-EVIL or CHEERLEADER CAMP for perfect examples of this) tend to make me irritable. But in the Crystal Lake mythos, the intrusion of a murderous madman on the otherwise happy-go-lucky youths is what makes the kills so impactful... you get to having a really good time with the characters when they have their own great chemistry and when they seem like they're genuinely having fun, and then ya get kinda bummed when they bite it. You still WANNA see 'em get it, of course, but there's at least a little bit of emotional investment. Other slasher flicks that I think do a great job of this are the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE and THE BURNING.

    PS - I hate the fucking cyborg from JASON X. Haaaaaaaaate. >:o

  5. Astro, I agree. That's what has made the F13 movies so much fun, because you have to deal with the characters much longer as living people than dead ones. :)

    Thanks for the Friday the 13th wishes everyone!