Thanksgiving on Elm Street Part 6

I watched this movie on November 28th and here I am…a week later finally writing this review. I can’t say that I didn’t warn you that my job was keeping me from my more important work here. It was a terrible week, which included work days that violate all sorts of labor laws. No sleep, hardly any meal breaks, and no overtime. Sigh.I’m almost recovered after sleeping two full nights, so I'm ready to get back on track with:

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

I don’t hate Freddy’s Dead, but I don’t necessarily like it all that much. It’s a 3D movie long after the gimmick is staring to get old. It’s the 90’s. Horror is running dry, and so is the series. There’s only so much you can ask of a sequel when it hits number 6. Freddy’s jokes are painfully bad, but we get a couple little gems here and there. The kills are low in number, but are drawn out and almost clever. My favorite part about this movie is how much we see of Freddy Krueger in human form. It’s fun to see Robert Englund as a child murderer—as opposed to a scarred-up dream killer that goes after teens. I’ve always wanted to see a prequel to Nightmare on Elm Street. Instead of another sequel or remake, why not explore uncharted territory that is sure to be interesting? Perhaps because it’s not fun to see little kiddies get murdered.

I would like to spend this edition of Thanksgiving on Elm Street discussing The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from the sixth installment. This movie is often called the worst in the series, with Parts 2 and 5 close behind it. So let’s take a holistic look.


-Freddy’s Power Glove Joke
-Robert Englund gets some real face time
-Breckin Meyer and Yaphet Kotto play major roles
-Johnny Depp, Bob Shaye, Alice Cooper, Tom Arnold, and Roseanne have cameos…wait let’s take Roseanne off the “Good” list
-The montage of Freddy’s life during the credits
-“Kung Fu THIS bitch!”


-“Only you could have brought me out…in your mind!”
-Another unnecessarily convoluted plotline
-When Doc tells Maggie to put on the special glasses, which blatantly say 3D on the side, to help fight Freddy in her dream
-“I’m still seeing things the way I did in my dream…”
-The first female to direct a Freddy film and I can’t say she makes us look good


-Nietzsche title card
-The hokey Wizard of Oz reference
-“No honey for Daddy?”
-Springwood turns into the Twilight Zone for some reason
-The Dream Worms…I mean Demons
-There are 3 songs on the soundtrack by The Goo Goo Dolls…really?


  1. I remember seeing this in 3D on opening night when I was just a young thing (I still have the glasses!) and lovin' it hardcore! Maybe it was my horror upbringing from the 80's, maybe it was the because it was the first 3D movie I ever remember, but I loved every freakin' second back then.

    That being said, I'm old now, and haven't seen it since, so I'm sure some of the nostalgia has worn off if I were to watch it again, but the fond memories remain. :)

  2. Depp's cameo is priceless!

    "What's HE on? Looks like some eggs and a frying pan to me..."

  3. I still have the glasses too, Jenn!

    Freddy's Dead sucks balls, but I still can't help but have a soft spot for it, which is the case with all of the Nightmare films.

    I loved it as a kid and it was the first Nightmare film I saw in theaters, where I theater hopped to see the 3-D finale in another theater a second time!

    I thought Breckin Meyer's character was so cool and I love the "Now you're playing with POWER!" death scene, along with the hearing aid scene too!

  4. Man I love the 3d action in this movie... By far one of the worst in the series id say tho. Yes the oz thing is retarded lol

  5. I think I have seen this flik ONE time. Maybe a second viewing is in order. I really don't remember too much of what you wrote there, other than the cameos!

  6. Unfortunately, I just can't do the series past the first movie, with the exception of New Nightmare and Freddy vs Jason. It got way too comedic, and I could no longer take it seriously.

  7. I was already so checked out on the series by this point that I was willing to accept anything it had to offer. Couldnt have been worse than 5. I think this one is the easiest to laugh at (though not with), and makes for an ok night of drinking and popcorn with friends.

  8. She blew up with dynamite! Sigh. So bad on so many levels. I swear the 3D didn't work when I saw it.