Where have I been lately? Why have I betrayed my Thanksgiving on Elm Street responsibilities? Why haven’t I been commenting as frequently on your awesome blog? Because I suck at life…Well, actually it’s because of work and then a random decision that I made this week.

Firstly, we had a gargantuan delivery deadline for the documentary that I have been editing. Of course, when it comes to technology, nothing works when it is supposed to and it especially doesn’t work when you are under time constraints. As a result of error after error, render after render, export after export, I worked straight from 11am on Monday through 4pm on Wednesday. Don’t ever think about doing that to yourself! It KILLED me, but much-deserved sleep over the weekend has brought me back to life for the time being. Another hint for editors out there: Never allow your director to picture lock just two days before delivery. I’ll never ever let that happen again. This arduous process of filmmaking is especially tough when it is not your film. Sure, I’ve deprived myself of more sleep than should be allowed of a human being, but it’s been for my own movies. Even when you are getting paid, it is a hellish time.

Secondly, I have been thinking about continuing my education for a while. I was a Film Production major, but I also minored in Legal Studies. I’ve been mulling over attending law school for a long time. In fact, I almost applied last year. I had taken the LSAT, wrote my essays, collected my recommendation letters, and paid for that damn LSAC service that is required of us. However, it just wasn’t the time to do it, especially since my husband is still completing his Bachelor’s degree. Now, though, he is applying to graduate school and I decided to jump back on the higher education bandwagon. I’m applying to law school again, as well as a graduate program. Because I randomly decided to do this so late in the fall, I have to work hard to get my applications in on time. I also have to take another standardized test, the GRE, which I will be taking on Wednesday. Thank goodness they have computer-based test so I could register with less than a week’s notice.

Anyway, I don’t usually discuss so much about my personal life, especially since I don’t think anyone (other than a few of you) will actually read it. I just felt compelled to 1) explain why I’ve been largely MIA , 2) foreshadow any future disappearances (temporary of course) from the blog scene, and 3) vent about some frustrations. Thanks for reading.  


  1. I used to be able to work those kinds of hours when I was in my twenties. These days it probably would kill me. I start getting heart palpitations from hell.

  2. Sucks about all your personal pressures right now, but I find it's the rigors and drudgery of daily life that make our forays into horror all the sweeter, so there's that, anyhow! Good luck with all!

  3. Don't worry, Becky. Do what you have to do. We're all real people here and understand having other responsibilities and goals besides gushing over horror movies. We know you'll still be posting great analytical reviews and hilarious recaps of old favorites. Good luck with the testing!

  4. Wow are you really applying for law school?? Thats awesome and intimidating Becks, more power to you! Id be willing to bet that if there was ever a reason to go MIA from the blog scene, working 72hrs straight while getting your applications together would certainly top the charts. Thanks for the update and know that you have been missed but not forgotten ;)

  5. Best of luck, and congratulations! I've been doing the work+school deal for a few years now, myself. It's a lot of work, but it pays off in more ways than monetary means! Enjoy your time in school, and grace us with your presence when possible.

    Best of luck to your husband, as well!

  6. Sorry to hear about your pressures Becky, but things balance out. That is usually what I tell myself when I am throwing back several Danny Devito limoncellos.

    Seriously though, I gave you a shout out in my review scheduled to film review post tomorrow night. Hopefully that will help put a smile on your face. But the limoncello will help as well.

  7. you gotta do what makes you happy. I'm glad to hear school and polans of change are in the mix. Most folks get thrown off and scared of change, but it's also known as growth. Best of luck with everything!

  8. Go for it. It's funny, my wife actually just up and decided to take the GRE a few weeks ago, and she's currently going crazy gathering letters of recommendation, figuring out what she has to do to apply to graduate school and preparing for the test, so I feel ya.

    It's a great goal, and although your life will undoubtedly be even more hectic for awhile, it'll be worth it in the end.


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