Break Posters - Opinions Please

Many of you have probably heard about my feature film, Break. If you'd like to learn more, you can read this post or check out this blog. We've been experimenting with a variety of poster designs for the film, especially since it is screening on June 5th at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. While we settled on a design for the screening, I wanted to share some of the designs we've played with and collect your opinions on them.

1. Abstract Design

2. Breaking Glass

3. Simple and Creepy

4. Atmospheric

5. Retro Design

6. Original Concept Art

So, which one do you like the best? I know horror bloggers don't have a shortage of opinions, so give your thoughts on these. In the meantime, if you happen to find yourself in Seattle this June, here is a link to more information on the screening: Seattle True Independent Film Festival


  1. I like the atmospheric design, only wish the word "everyone" was a little clearer.

  2. I agree totally with the comment above. The atmospheric design is best, but tough to read the 'everyone'. I'd like to see it with the full credits at the bottom.

    In saying that, the abstract design looks good too, especially for event promotion like for the film festival.

  3. Darn, Blogspot hates me today... my comment got killed when I hit preview. *head-desk*

    I'll try to recompile my thoughts for a later comment.

  4. That first one is awesome! Never underestimate the power of great horror art.

  5. Some great interpretations here - #2 is the one I'd choose which most accurately conveyed the theme and vibe of the movie... #5 has an -awesome- FRIDAY THE 13TH feel going but I don't know if it's most representative of what the film really is about... and I think #4/"atmospheric" looks by far the most commercial/professional. :)

  6. I like #1 the most because it grabs the attention of the horror fan in me, but I think #4 would be the most universally appealing of the bunch.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It is very much appreciated. As you can see, I like to experiment with a lot of different styles and it's always interesting to see what jumps out to people. :D

  8. Four is my favorite of these selections. Totally dig that design. If I had a backup, it would be the second shattered glass one, only because it is more reflective (no pun intended) of the film.

  9. The ones that would definitely get me into the theater are the Atmospheric and the Retro. The Abstract is eye-catching, but I like the sense of place evoked in #4 and #5.

  10. A as concise as it gets recreation of my lost post-

    1. Abstract design: This looks more suited to promote a festival of any kind than a movie to me.

    2. Breaking Glass: I find that style is currently way overdone!

    3. Simple and Creepy: I like that one a lot, it clearly states its genre and generates interest without giving much away.

    4. Atmospheric: I like it, but I’m not sure if it really works as intended. It feels at odds with the “everybody breaks” line for me, I find it strangely uplifting.

    5. Retro Design: I absolutely favour that one! But I’m an 80’s man…

    6. Original Concept Art: For some unclear reason that one makes me think of Survival Horror/First Person Shooter.

  11. The first one is great!

    I like 4 also, but it could also read like a lumberjack musical;)

    I will be posting a piece on your movie in the next couple of weeks Becky. Apologies for the delay!!!

  12. My suggestion would be the fourth poster, atmospheric. It's minimalistic in design, plus the silhouette plays well and subtly against the trees (the upraised arms parallel the branches) while conveying an air of menace with the ax. Just as importantly, it doesn't resemble the dime-a-dozen film posters or covers that look like a quick fix-it in Photoshop. All those factors put together make for a compelling image.