New sci-fi/horror comic: UXB

Colin Lorimer, more well-known as Lubbert-Das to the horror blogosphere, has just launched an online comic by the name of UXB. UXB is a horror/science-fiction story about....well I don't know yet. I just started reading. All I know is that the artwork is incredible and the characters are shaping up to be interesting, including the protagonist,  Das Bombast, penned as the future Lord of London. Written with self-referential humor and dark personality, I think a lot of you will really enjoy it.

Check out UXB here. And while you're at it, check out Colin's blog, Lubbert-Das. I've been following it for a while, as he chronicles various artistic adventures. Colin is also a reader of The Horror Effect and many other fellow horror blogs, so show your support and head on over to his new kick-ass site!

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