5 Reasons to see Hatchet 2

Hatchet 2 hits AMC theatres unrated on October 1st! Will you be there to show your support? Here's five reasons why you should be out there watching Victor Crowley power up the ol' gas-powered belt sander this Friday.

1) If you're a fan of the first Hatchet, then things look promising. All the gore and camp that made the original so fun are said to be doubled in the sequel. I can't tell you how many times I've re-watched the various death scenes in Hatchet, showing them to friends who were almost in tears from laughter. Now, that's a good time! On top of Kane Hodder and Tony Todd, throw longtime genre favorite Danielle Harris and new genre star AJ Bowen into the mix and you have yourself a formula for success.

2) Are you in the camp that finds Hatchet overrated? Get off any high horse you might be riding and consider this: it was Adam Green's first real feature! (His first was Coffee & Donuts shot for $400, so that hardly counts). Green has been improving with each film he has made. He himself has admitted that he learned a lot since Hatchet, which is something I've heard just about every director say about his or her first few films. Let's see what a new and improved Hatchet looks like this weekend.

3) Support this exciting UNRATED theatrical release! As horror fans, we constantly complain about pseudo censorship from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners). Commercial viability is the key to any change. Now, we have a chance to show that we will fill the seats, regardless of a MPAA rating. Find out which AMC is playing Hatchet 2 near you!

4) How are you going to welcome in the month of October? Go see an ORIGINAL, INDEPENDENT horror film instead of yet another mass-marketed remake. I'm not categorically against remakes (even if I think remaking a boring Swedish film made only two years ago sounds like a bad idea), but if I have the opportunity to show filmmakers, studios, and distributors that I want to see original horror, I'm going to to do it.

5) Give Adam Green a shot. Even if you don't like Hatchet, or Spiral or Frozen (hey, what's wrong with you?), you gotta' love Green. He's a true lover of the genre and does a lot for his fans. Check out Ariescope pictures if you don't believe me. He's always working on something because he loves what he does. Whether it's a feature film or the hilarious Halloween shorts that he does every year ("Jack Chop" is the best!), Green is someone who deserves a chance to get a real wide release someday.

And don't forget to wear your Hatchet Army shirt. I'll be sporting mine!


  1. I really need to see the first one, as well as stop confusing him with the other Adam Green (he of the Moldy Peaches) who did that great song about Jessica Simpson.
    I know he also turns up as a hobo in "Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the crust", which so far is my only experience with the man, so might have to give his films a burn.

  2. I had fun with the original one, it wasnt a masterpiece, but then it wasnt trying to be! It was simply a good homage to the old Friday the 13th films. Great gory fun!

    Looking forward to this sequel, just to see a director evolve and improve (hopefully)

  3. I want to be more excited about this one... But.. ugh.. I just can't bring myself to support it theatrically.. I know.. Im a terrible Horror fan..