Let's Freeze The Country! AKA: Help Frozen Get a Full Release

As you may or may not be aware of, Adam Green's Frozen is headed to theatres this weekend. Unfortunately, it is only a limited release, but it still has quite a few screens in highly-populated regions. Be sure to see if a theatre near you is playing Frozen. Go to Ariescope Pictures for a list of the screenings. I also did a piece for examiner.com in anticipation of Frozen, highlighting the theatres in the Orange County (CA) area playing the movie. Check it out here.

Let's support Adam Green and push Frozen into a wide release! Woot!


  1. I'm surprised it's only a limited release, when I first saw the poster and read the synopsis I anticipated a wider release, after all it does sound more original than quite some of the other planned releases.

    Hope I get to see it, because quite frankly it sounds a lot better than "Open Water" (which I guess is the next comparable movie) ever did to me. It's premise reminds me a bit of the German movie "Abwärts" (which I like), only colder...

  2. For some reason, I thought this was getting a wider release. A shame that it isn't. I mean seriously, The Stepfather remake does but an original film like this doesn't? For shame.

  3. I know I was really surprised when I found out this was limited. I can't really see why, since it has mass appeal beyond the horror crowd. Hopefully, we can change this and support original, indie films to give them a chance nationwide.