Hop, Hop...Zombie Rabbit Award!

Geof from Enter the Man-Cave has kindly infected me with the Zombie Rabbit Award!!! I couldn't have been bitten by a nicer man from Philly. If you haven't entered the Man-Cave, then you're missing out. Geof posts on a wide variety of topics, from sports, TV, horror, video games, and has hilarious ongoing features like ripping apart spam mail and "Enter the Caption." 

And so now, I must infect others...at least I think that's what I'm supposed to do anyway. But like Geof said, I'm an undead Roger Rabbit, so following directions probably isn't my top priority. Here are some awesome blogs to check out...click on the links while you can because I just may turn them into my next bunny meal.

Note: Trying not to give the award to my friends who have already received it.


  1. haha! Thanks, Becky!

    We proudly accept your infection. That rabbit is cool!

  2. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!! *grabs award, does victory dance, races out the door* Fuck yeah, thanks, Becky!

  3. Thanks for the kind words as always Becky! Glad to see the infection rapidly spreading.