I'm Baaaaack!!!

Hey friends! I flew back yesterday evening and now that I've returned to the wonders of high-speed internet, I can get back to business! I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays. I though I'd share some of the gifts Santa brought me this year.

First off, my up-and-coming Blu-Ray collection has doubled. Some of the highlights were The Descent, Orphan, Drag Me to Hell, Children of the Corn, and Monster Squad. My husband also brought in District 9, Star Trek, Gladiator, Braveheart, and Rambo. To match my Monster Squad Blu-Ray, I also received this awesome shirt from Fright Rags:

Speaking of awe-inspiring gifts from Fright Rags, Nick lit up my life once again when he surprised me with the Ladies of the Evil Dead: Extreme Edition!!! First off, the shirt itself is gorgeous. Take a look:

Here are all the specs on why this release is so special and so damn cool: 1) Only 500 will be released ever. I have #41. 2) You get an 11x17 poster of the above image signed by all of the lovely ladies of the Evil Dead. 3) It comes in a cool trap door box like in the movie. 4) I also received a vial of Evil Dirt from the ground where the original cabin was filmed at in Tennessee. Lesson learned? If you aren't subscribing to Fright Rags newsletters, you should do so immediately.

I'm really looking forward to getting things going again on the blog. I have a long list of write-ups due. I'm also excited to read everyone else's blogs and see what you guys have been up to! Upon some quick perusing, I noticed that I was given a couple awards and referenced in some honorable mentions over the past couple weeks, which I'm always flattered by and thankful for. I'll be posting on those next!


  1. Welcome back! Missed your posts. Glad Santa treated you well, especially the sweet Monster Squad shirt.

    That ladies of Evil Dead shirt is amazing. I got a couple of nice T's from Fright Rags, as well (The Thing, The Gate). The designs are gorgeous!

  2. I wish i was fat and jolly like santa...

  3. Fright Rags rules. I actually have a WW(Jason)D sticker on my car that came with the shirt. The Ladies of the Evil Dead image is awesome. Congrats!

    You know, I've never actually seen Monster Squad.

  4. jervaise brooke hamsterJanuary 6, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    "I`m Baaaaack!!!", yet another reference to the legendary Heather O`rourke, almost 22 years on from her untimely and tragic demise she is still so inspirational to so many horror fans.