Movies That Should Never Be Made

Horrible movie ideas that should never be greenlit, but I still want to see them anyway.

Sexual Predator:

He came from another planet to hunt the most elusive prey: children.


The most dangerous animal in Africa is not the lion, the snake, or the crocodile. The true King of the Jungle, the Hippo, deserves a place in celluloid trash.

Swiss Army Knife:

Step aside Hatchet. It's time to step up to a more complex camping tool. So many implements of death to choose from. Which boyscout wields the deadly contraption?

Superman's Weekend at Bernie's:

After accidentally knocking out Superman with Kryptonite, two friends party with an unconscious super hero all weekend.


  1. Superman's Weekend at Bernie's is prolly the greatest damn thing i have ever seen. LOL

  2. Swiss Army Knife...I think that might make a good movie!

    - Zac

  3. I can see the magnifying glass death now..

  4. LMAO at Sexual Predator. Will never view that character in the same light again.

  5. Oh my, that Sexual Predator joke is so sick... :p

    Love the "Swiss Army Knife" poster, you know I probably would be stupid enough to watch that.