My Anticipated Horror Films of 2012

Here are some of the films rolling around in my head, as I await their alleged 2012 release. I'm sure there are movies I'm missing that I will later learn of and I'm sure some of these selections will turn out to be disappointments, but nonetheless, I'm excited at the idea of the following...

The Divide

My husband and I happened across this movie by chance when looking at upcoming releases at the local theater. I was blown away by the trailer. How did this one slip by me? Xavier Gens, director of the surprisingly awesome Frontiers, helms this post-apocalyptic vision. Oh and Michael Biehn is the star. Sold.

The Woman in Black

Featuring Daniel Radcliffe all grown up, this Hammer horror film promises to bring a classic ghost story set in the dreary landscape of an English estate. I'm hoping the brief glimpses of CG I saw in the trailer are outshined by practical makeup and efx.


Ridley Scott claims that this sci-fi horror epic is not a prequel to Alien, but it is unquestionably rooted in the world of the Alien films. The trailers are chill worthy and I'm dying to see Scott back in science fiction. The fact that no one really knows what the film is about feeds my anticipation.

Knights of Badassdom

From Joe Lynch, director of everyone's favorite direct-to-video sequel Wrong Turn 2, comes a fantasy-horror-comedy about a group of larpers who accidentally summon an ancient demon that subsequently wreaks havoc on their nerdy world. Steve Zahn, Summer Glau, and Peter Dinklage make this a must-see for the all-around geek.

The Lords of Salem

While Rob Zombie is hit or miss for me, I am ever so curious about his Salem witch film. Though my excitement dwindled when I learned it is not an actual period film (I would have loved to see Zombie outside of his comfort zone), I am still anxious to see a fresh take on the witchcraft sub-genre, which has been left in the dust since the 90's.

The Wicker Tree

The director of the original The Wicker Man, who hasn't been up to much over the years, brings us another wicker-themed horror film. I'm not entirely convinced by the trailer, but I am convinced that it will be just as much of a trip as the notorious 1973 film.


This project is produced by Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska and Tom Owen, but that is not what has me intrigued. Its the strange nature of the project and the directing talent behind it. I suppose it would be called an anthology found footage film, with people like Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), Simon Barret (A Horrible Way to Die), and  David Bruckner (The Signal). This project doesn't have huge names attached to it, but it does have promising, passionate filmmakers.

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  1. Hey I wasnt aware of that Wicker Man follow up! Sounds awesome! I will be looking out for that one, The Wickerman is one of my favorite horror films ever. The Divide also looks promising!

  2. Prometheus is the one movie I'm most looking forward to this year, especially as it's a return to the grimy roots of space exploration that we saw in the original films a world I'm keen to see more of.

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