A Project from Yesteryear

While I'm not usually a procrastinator, sometimes I decide to pick up old projects and complete things I should have done ages ago. Recently, I just finished up editing a trailer for my senior thesis film, "Among Wolves." That's right...my senior thesis film. I graduated in 2009 and it's 2011. Granted, a trailer for a 20 minute-ish film isn't necessary, but I had always intended to cut a trailer for this film. This is mostly because I love editing.

I did struggle with this trailer. One reason is because the film is a tough movie to explain in a short amount of time. There's also hardly any dialogue in the movie, so most everything is inferred through visuals. Trailers don't have to communicate the whole story, but if a trailer is effective, it will at least communicate a tone and generate interest in learning more about the story. For the hell of it, I thought I'd post it and get your thoughts.

Just for fun, I also thought I'd share some of the horror connections with you all. The film's lead, Frank, is played by David Alan Graf, who also played one of the teachers in Deadgirl. Erin McCarthy, who plays Frank's wife, was also in The Quick and the Undead and The Flesh Keeper. Kuma, the dog, was in An American Crime. The last connection involves one of the actresses who auditioned for a role. She was Daeg Faerch's mother (young Michael from Zombie's Halloween). He actually came to the audition with her. I was tempted to cast simply for the horror connection, but I went with the person that was the best for the role.


  1. Looks good, Becky. Can't say that I "got" what the story was, but visually, it was much more impressive than half of the films I've reviewed on my blog. Good job!


  2. Very nice. Moody and intriguing. So when can we see the whole thing?

  3. Becky, over at Soiled Sinema they done a tribute to Heather O`Rourke specially for The Hamster, its fantastic.