My 2010 Christmas Watch List

Rather than creating a top ten list of the best Christmas horror movies, I’m just going to make a list of the movies I plan on watching this year in celebration of the holiday season. No, Silent Night, Deadly Night, didn’t make the cut this year.
The Thing (1982)
Isolation. Snow. Cold. Frigid Cold. Nothing says Christmas more than those words, right? Really, this movie is just all kinds of cool and I could watch it anytime of year, but this gives me an excuse.

Black Christmas (1974)
Yes, I’m referring to the original. Maybe the remake will make next year’s list…heh, doubtful. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen the classic slasher and what better time of year to rekindle the ol’ magic?

Inside (2007)
Cryptic, I know. I don’t know of another movie involving Christmas that could rip me out of the holiday spirit more than this movie can. We’ll see if I can actually sit through the entire runtime again. Hint: It hasn’t happened yet.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
Sue me. It’s not a horror movie, but you know what? It’s one of the most awesome movies ever made and I’m going to watch it no matter how trite it sounds. After Inside, I deserve it.
P2 (2007)
I already watched this in October, but I just may give it another go with a different audience. No one ever talks about this movie (which takes place on Christmas Eve), but I love it. Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight…


  1. Good choices! Can't wait to watch Black Christmas & It's a Wonderful Life, myself!

  2. Where is true grit and tron? And die hard ? Lol I dunno about inside....

  3. Thats funny how you squeezed in Its a Wonderful LIfe in the midst of all those horror movies! Have you seen CHRISTMAS EVIL? Highly recommended christmas horror film!

    Santa's Slay is fun too!

  4. I enjoyed P2 as well. That was a movie everyone forgot I think.

    My favorite X-mas horror is Gremlins.

  5. The Film Connoisseur, I have seen Christmas Evil. I didn't really care for it too much, other than the "so bad its good" moments. I was laughing really hard at times, then kind of bored during others. I haven't seen Santa's Slay yet either, but I want to.

    JLG, Yeah, P2 just fell off the radar. Oh yes, I should add Gremlins...I haven't seen it in years! Since I was a kid really.

  6. Hey, I'm with ya - I watch P2 every year around this time. Woefully underrated.

  7. Ohhh I talked about P2, but only in the most hatery terms lol.. Hey Becks, why not try to have BREAK screened at one of the upcoming BleedFest events??

  8. Carl, No love for P2? :( Thanks for the tip about Bleedfest. I just now heard about the festival. It looks like there is still time to submit for the spring screenings.

  9. Very nice Christmas list. I also need to pick up It’s a Wonderful Life.

  10. I couldnt stand it sadly, I went in with high hopes! I better see you in there for Spring Becks!