Sometimes RL gets in the way of horror blogging

Sorry for the lame acronym, but hey, I'm a blogger. I can use self-referential humor aimed at my nerdiness. So, I've been sort of AFK for a while, and I will continue to be unfortunately. Why? Well, my husband just graduated from college last weekend and his family was visiting, so needless to say, I've been busy celebrating/hosting. Secondly, I'm leaving for Indonesia tomorrow (oh crap...already?) for my brother's wedding.

Long story short...see you in June! I'll be back with some posts and some comments on your awesome blogs! Who knows? Maybe in the spirit of my travels, I'll even review this:


  1. Pass along my congratulations and safe travels!

  2. Guess I'll have to look forward to reading new posts from you in June. Still it's good to take a break and come back batterys refreshed.

    Congratulations to your husband for passing college and good luck for your brother at his wedding.

  3. Indonesia?
    I'm getting soooo envious. :)

    Congrats to your hubby, and my best wishes for your brother and his bride to be.

  4. Looking forward to the review. Have fun in Indonesia and be on the watch for potential 'slashers' (you know how weddings can get).

  5. Congrats to Nick! I hear ya...RL does get in the way of blogging. Sometimes more often than not. See you in the 'sphere soon and take care.

  6. Wait, youre leaving without us?? I wanna go to Indonesia!!