Meeting the Master of Horror

The time I met John Carpenter!!!

Back in September of 2008, Mr. Carpenter himself was visiting Chapman University in Orange, CA for a screening of The Thing. I attend film school there and was so excited to meet him. After the screening, a Q&A was held at the theatre. He talked about how lucky we (young filmmakers/film students) were to have new, digital technology that enabled us to make films with very little money. Growing up with camcorders and computers, we were able to explore films early on. Before, all the exploration and mistakes were made later and at a much higher cost. After the discussion, he snuck out back to have a smoke. I followed him (stalker...I know) and got this picture! He also signed my 25th Anniversary Halloween DVD! To properly frame my elation at this moment...Halloween has been my favorite film since I was 13. I have admired John Carpenter for so long and he is one of the few people that I ever truly wanted to shake hands with. Sure I'd like to meet others, but I can't say that they were on a list of people I'd like to meet.


  1. I am officially jealous of you!

  2. Cool story. I have to admit, though, I am a bigger fan of Halloween 5... I met Danielle Harris a couple of years ago... What? no one cares?

  3. That's great Becky! "Halloween" is my favorite film too.